10 Reasons For Why & How We Can Help Our Dogs Lose Weight.

10 Reasons For Why & How We Can Help Our Dogs Lose Weight.

I am known to gain a little weight every now and again. Oh you know you are too! Right? And yet still, we know how bad it is for us humans to yo-yo diet. So can it be, that it’s just as bad if not worse for our little fur-babies?

Here are the top 10 reason’s to help us, I mean our dogs lose weight now.

This is cute…but overweight dogs are not a joke.


Helping your dog slim down isn’t just a matter of your dog looking better than others at the dog park- it’s a heart thing, a life well lived matter. So let’s see how we can help our dogs lose weight and help them to be the best doggie they can be.





There are many short and long-term reasons for slimming down your overweight dog that will invigorate and strengthen both of your lives.


Top 10 Reasons Your Dog Needs To Trim Down:


1. Dog Obesity is more serious than one would think. Just like humans who have obesity issues dogs too are susceptible to health-related issues. Cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, joint issues, and diabetes are among the leading health issues that will affect the quality of life for our dogs. All such ailments lead to the decrease in life expectancy for our pups.

2. Slim Pups are Happy Pups. A dog that is active and is on a healthy diet has more vitality, stamina, sleeps better and has more energy. A slim dog has a stronger immune system than its counterpart.

3. Healthy Dogs = Healthy Humans. The correlation between the two is staggering. A dog filled with enthusiasm and energy is indicative of an active and healthy human. An active high energy dog will add life and joy to their owner’s life.

4. Healthy Bonding is Best. This energy and joy can be manifested in healthy activities between the owner and their dog, such as walking and running together and other physical activities that will build health in the owner and pet and also strengthen their bond together.

5. Effortless Motivation. A healthy lifestyle will indirectly impose positive effects on the emotional wellbeing of both your dog and paw parent.

6. Get Social. Creating an active lifestyle improves the social opportunities for other owners and their pets and can further improve an individual’s perception on health and fitness.

7. Strengthen Bonds. Ever heard of the term, a family that plays together stays together. Well, activity, fitness, socializing is just that…’play’. And the more you play the stronger your bonds are to your dog, your family, and community.

8. Emotional Stability. Emotional stability is often a precursor to all other personal relationships with other dominant factors in our lives. For example, our financial stability and our relationships. If we exercise, stay active with our pups it will benefit every kind of relationship we have within our lives. Especially the relationship and responsibility of fostering and keeping a safe and stable home for our dogs.

9. Longer Lives. Unfortunately, the truth is that larger, fatter dogs don’t live as long as slimmer pups.

10. Change of Perspective. A positive relationship between fitness and good health requires a change of thought. It’s a daily practice that will reap benefits for years to come, both for you, your relationships and your pup’s life.


Smack dog food is the dog food we recommend for weight loss.


Helping your dog lose weight is good for both you and your fur-baby in many ways. Being healthy together is one of the best gifts you can give your dog. Take this survey to see which food your dog will need to help in its weight loss goals. We guarantee you will both be happier.


For healthy homemade dog treats click here to see how you can make treat time a healthy time.

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