10 Top Notch Dog Parent Hacks To Make Life A Little Easier

10 Top Notch Dog Parent Hacks To Make Life A Little Easier

The life of a dog mom or dad can be hectic. There are always little things you could be or should be doing for your pet that sometimes you don't always have time for. That's why we've compiled this great list to make the day-to-day a little easier while preparing for future what-if problems that could pop up too! 

1. Cool Down With Some Pool Time

Prepare for a fun-filled summer with your pet by introducing them to a kids swimming pool! Once your pet warms up to it, this is guaranteed for hours of nice and cool antics with your furry friend. We recommend using the blue plastic pools as they're less prone to damage by nails and teeth but are also super inexpensive still, just in case they get a little scuffed up when splashing around with your pup. 

2. Turmeric Can Be A Helpful Cure-All 

In recent studies turmeric has been shown to protect against cancer and detoxify by the body by reducing inflammation and can even alleviate pain. All of these human benefits are also true and effective for dogs, too! Keep in mind that turmeric is also a blood so it isn't recommend for dogs taking medications that it could possibly interfere negatively with. When in doubt though, ask your vet! If approved, you can normally feed 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight.

3. Using Dryer Sheets To Calm Your Pet During Storms 

If your pet is prone to getting upset before or during storms you may surprised to discover that it's the shift in the electric charges in the air and not the actual thunder or storm that upsets your pet during bad weather and of course some pets just don't like the noise. If you've noticed that your pet gets upset prior to and during storms, especially those that are quieter, try taking a dryer sheet and rubbing it over their face and body to comfort them. 

4. Using A Wet Glove To Remove Excess Hair 

Of course a lint roller can be just as effective but if you don't have one on you, dampening a rubber glove and gliding across the furniture can definitely do the job. You can easily pick up hair that seems stuck in the grooves of your couch or is idly occupying your entertainment center. 

5. DIY Frozen Dog Toys 

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to keep your pet entertained for a hot minute, try freezing their dog toys in water and watching them go to town. Our favorite hack is freezing them in chicken broth resulting in a super satisfied pet who is all the more overjoyed when they finally make it back to their toy! 

6. Know How To Read Your Pet's Body Language 

Just like with people, being able to understand what your pet is trying to tell you without them vocally telling you, is a major asset in a strong relationship. Dogs that bite usually only do so as an absolute last resort when their body language has been missed or ignored by someone for so long. Look up common body language signs for your dogs breed to keep an eye out for. Things like your dogs ears being pinned back against their head could be a sign of excitement, anxiety, or friendliness when paired with other postures and expressions. 

7. Use Classical Music To Calm Your Pet

You may enjoy a concerto or two when you're winding down from a long day but did you know that studies have shown that classical music can also be soothing to animals? The study found that classical music was more soothing than "psychoacoustic" music or specially-made Pet CDs that were designed to calm animals. So when you're getting ready to relax for the night, turn on that Mozart with your pet and settle in for a cozy, musical night. 

8. Watch Out For That Street Heat 

Keep in mind that if asphalt, pavement, or any other material you walk on is too hot for your feet, it's definitely too hot for your dog's paws. Always be sure to walk your pet early in the morning or later on the evening if they normally walk on pavement. Try and steer them to walking on the edge of lawns to protect the pads of their paws from damage. 

9. Skip The Brush & Use Breath Spray Or Add Parsley To Their Meals 

We are fans of all natural ingredients and most pet toothpastes and routines come with a lot of unnatural substances and uncomfortable brushing methods. We suggest utilizing an all natural, pet friendly breath spray that you can easily apply to a bowl of water to ensure they're receiving proper cleansing and maintaining peak oral health. Gum disease is one of the major issues with pet health so utilizing breath freshening and teeth cleaning tactics early on is vital. Although it doesn't boast as many health benefits, adding parsley to their foot can be helpful for bets with especially bad breath. 

10. DIY Dog Bed Creations 

If you have an old TV cabinet, entertainment center, or vintage dresser, consider refurnishing it into the perfect dog bed for your pet. You can turn a lot of furniture items into a cozy pad for your pet simply by applying old pillows, cushions or sheets. 



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