3 Gruesome Truths That The Dog Food Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know About

3 Gruesome Truths That The Dog Food Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know About

I knew that the pet food industry was big but not 70 BILLION dollars big! So when I found out; I wanted to know more about this industry that we so readily rely upon. You can imagine to keep profits up they will do anything to make the cut. Profit grossing is a top priority for the big food manufacturers. Caring for our dog’s health often does not get accounted for when creating dog food formulas.

I took a closer look at how they are slashing costs and at what expense are their pockets getting deeper. We have found some interesting and worrisome truths about dog food.

3 Loopholes – The truth about dog food:

  1. Actual meat content is only about 3%. We call this the 3% rule. According to the FDA and APCO labeling guidelines, if the name of the food includes the phrase ‘with the ingredient” (ingredients can include beef, chicken, lamb ect..) that named ingredient must not be less than 3% of the total weight.
  2. 4D animals are used in dog food. It stands for Dead, Dying, Diseased and or Disabled. There is no law, no regulation, no guideline, nothing saying these 4D animals cannot be added to your dog’s food!
  3. Commercially made food labeled “premium” or “Gourmet” and “all natural” can be just as toxic as the regular brands of dog food. Bottom line, they’re saying they can legally contain the exact same ingredients a cheaper brand of dog food and charge you more or the same price. In fact, the FDA makes it abundantly clear that anybody can label their food however they want! The FDA states:

“Cost paid for pet food has NO bearing on quality of ingredients used. Just because you pay more for the food, that does not guarantee that decomposed or euthanized animals have not been used to make the food”

Basically, the FDA wants it to be a free for all clearly stating:

“products labeled as “premium” or “gourmet” are not required to contain any higher or different quality ingredients, nor are they held to a higher standard than any other products”

What’s being used and included in these types of products is not what you would expect when reading words like “premium”. For example, one of the most powerful and toxic preservative in your dog’s food is called Ethoxyquin. This DEADLY preservative is what allows pet stores and supermarkets to be able to keep your dog’s food on the shelves for up to TWO YEARS before having to sell it to you. This is what makes dried, store bought, cheap kibble so convenient and why pet companies can turn such a large profit off poisoning your dog.

Here is our #1 dog food choice to avoid these 3 loopholes from endangering your dog’s life.

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