3 Gruesome Truths The Dog Food Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know About:

3 Gruesome Truths The Dog Food Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know About:

Loopholes that the dog food industry thrives through. These loopholes hold the fate of your dog’s lives. What you need to know about the industry and how your choices affect your dog.

This industry is all about loopholes. So how can they get away with not putting this “meat” ingredient in your dog’s food? The answer is:

LOOPHOLE #1: the actual meat content is only around 3%. We call this the 3% rule. According to the FDA and APCO labeling guidelines, if the name of the food includes the phrase ‘with the ingredient” ( ingredients can include beef, chicken, lamb etc…) that named ingredient must not be less than 3% of the total weight.

So in other words, dog food brand “X” can have a label that says something super sexy like, “Aunt Rachel’s Wholesome Gourmet Nutrition With Lamb” and as long as a lamb is 3% of the ingredients by weight they are following the rules. Really 3%?

LOOPHOLE #2: Have you ever heard of 4D animals? If not you’re in for a treat. It stands for Dead, Dying, Diseased and or Disabled. Why is this relevant? There is no law, no regulation, no guideline, nothing saying these 4D animals cannot be added to your dog’s food!

Here is a little sample of some 4D animals that the FDA released in 2016 in a statement admitting these and other 4D products have been used in conventional dog food. There is no denying this dirty secret. The FDA actually has guidelines allowing it.

The FDA does NOT enforce laws requiring the meat in pet food to come from slaughtered animals, even though the law clearly states that only slaughtered animals are to be used.  Do you want your pet to eat euthanized, disease-ridden, cancer-laden, rotting, putrid carcasses?

According to Natural News, they say these 4D parts are usually condemned, in whole or in part, for human consumption. They contain other byproduct parts and items such as out of date supermarket meats, including their plastic wrappers, cut away cancerous tissues, and fetal tissue which is very high in hormones.

On bag’s labeled with “premium” or “gourmet” AAFCO president Hersh Pendell admits it happens with these brands as well. Check out what he has to say right here :


Speaking of contaminants and drugs, researchers have found the euthanasia drug, pentobarbital included in these warning guidelines! This had many people OUTRAGED. For awhile pet owners went on a rampage and all this controversy finally sparked some attention from lawmakers. The FDA finally went to investigate these issues to prove the allegations wrong and that everyone is just “an alarmist”. But guess what? They did a big study and found that 22/25 foods they tested they actually found positive traces of the euthanasia drug IN THE FOODS!

Loophole #3: Commercially made food labeled “premium” or “Gourmet” and “all natural” can be just as toxic as the regular brands of dog food. In fact, the FDA makes it abundantly clear that anybody can label their food however they want! The FDA states:

“Cost paid for pet food has NO bearing on the quality of ingredients used. Just because you pay more for the food, that does not guarantee that decomposed or euthanized animals have not been used to make the food”

The FDA wants it to be a free for all clearly stating:

“products labeled as “premium” or “gourmet” are not required to contain any higher or different quality ingredients, nor are they held to a higher standard than any other products”

What’s being used and included in these types of products is not what you would expect when reading words like “premium”. For example, one of the most powerful and toxic preservative in your dog’s food is called Ethoxyquin. This DEADLY preservative is what allows pet stores and supermarkets to be able to keep your dog’s food on the shelves for up to TWO YEARS before having to sell it to you. This is what makes dried, store bought, cheap kibble so convenient and why pet companies can turn such a large profit off poisoning your dog.

This can drug can be DISASTROUS for your dog’s health. Ethoxyquin and other preservatives have been linked to cancers, severe allergies, even a full immune system collapse. While you won’t find this listed on your dog’s food label, sadly that doesn’t mean it’s not in there. Once again with the way rules are written and loopholes created, it was added before they added the rest of the FILTH they used to create your dog’s food.


Know the truth, please! Our fur-babies depend on us to take care of them. Your purchasing power really can make a difference. Here is the only food that we recommend, Smack raw, organic, dehydrated dog food. If you have any questions at all please contact us directly Hello@Waggles.com. Please leave any data you know that can help us all gain better insight into this serious and deadly issue. We all need to be educated on this truth. Please share this with all of your friends and family. No dog should be eating regular, store-bought dog food. ZERO!

Your Fellow Paw Parent,




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