5 Museums For Dog Lovers, Like Us.

5 Museums For Dog Lovers, Like Us.

So maybe not every activity is entirely dog-friendly, for instance going to an art museum or performance theater. This doesn't mean we can't incorporate our love of dogs into our appreciation for art and music, though! In fact, we've done some digging and found some of the best exhibits across the nation for dog lovers just like us to go enjoy. If you're an art lover and a dog lover - keep an eye out for these locations. 

1. The American Kennel Club: Museum Of The Dog 

If you're a dog owner, you've likely heard of the American Kennel Club. This is a lot of dog owner's number one source for pet resources such as articles on nutrition, food, grooming, illnesses, oral hygiene, digestion, and just about any other dog-related topic you can think of. 

Located in New York, New York - you'll find more than 180 pieces of dog inspired art work alongside interactive digital exhibits that span two floors and three stories. They also feature a vast book collection and is one of the largest libraries in the world solely devoted to dogs. 

2. Museum of Dog

This delightful little museum, located in the historic Quinn's Wallpaper & Paint Store, nestled in the Berkshires of North Adams, Massachusetts is a true tribute to dogs everywhere. 

The museum was founded in 1989 by David York. A gentleman that followed his dreams to Atlanta after a successful career in fashion in New York City.  There he founded Barking Hound Village, the largest, locally-owned dog daycare, boarding and grooming company. His passion came from his deep love for his own dog, Sophie. Now he resides fully in Massachusetts, bolstering his love of dogs by sharing the passion through Museum of Dog. Pay them a visit to admire the quirky museum that pairs so naturally with our furry friends character, it's simply meant to be. 

3. San Diego Museum of Man: Living With Pets

A unique exhibit that highlights the history of human interaction with animals and their transcendence to becoming our pets. Walk through time as you witness your ancestors first share meals with wolves, and discover their other friendships be forged as they encounter more animal life. 

You will also get to experience the world through not only the eyes of our beloved dogs, but also pigeons, and roaches, while learning how human kind created 'pests'. You can eat a virtual meal featuring food from 5 different countries over the last 100 years. This enchanting exhibit displays the true complexity of our relationship with our furry counter-parts and leaves you feeling more connected and complete for it. 

4. Dogs! A Science Tail Exhibition

This massively fun and insightful traveling exhibition has been making it's way around the United States and educating people about their furry friend's true nature and habits. This immersive, seven to nine thousand square foot exhibit explores the bond between humans and dogs, noting that it's one of the most successful inter-species partnerships ever. 

The feature is divided into four sections and a demonstration area. The exhibition dives into where dogs came from, how they experience the world, what makes our bond so special, and how to care for dogs. Immersive experiences invite guests to see, hear, smell, and think like a dog! With support from the California Science Center’s contacts and program handbook, host museums can schedule demonstrations by trained professionals and their amazing canines. Guests will have opportunities to see real dogs, pretend to be dogs, and share their favorite dog photos and videos in the exhibit.

5. Bouchard's International Dog Mushing Museum

You can probably guess that this museum is located in the natural sprawling beauty that is Alaska, downtown Fairbanks to be specific. The Bouchard collection is the largest international dog mushing and sled museum in the world that features over 1,000 historic iditarod sleds as well as trapping equipment, carvings, art, and early models. 

At the museum you'll also be given the opportunity to meet 45 happy, fluffy huskies and witness one of their training sessions. Members of the Iditarod team will speak with you about the lifestyle as well as breeding, caring, feeding, training, and racing Alaskan huskies.

The Bouchard museum is open from May  1st to October 1st 7 Days a week from 10am to 6pm 7 days a week Winter hours are 11am to 5pm Monday thru Saturday, closed Sunday. Call for special, off hour tours and private engagements. 


If you know of any additional fun Dog museums located in the United States, let us know! We always need more places to go visit and appreciate our lifetime companions, dogs. 

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