6 Dog-friendly Companies That Make The Cut!

6 Dog-friendly Companies That Make The Cut!

I’m super super lucky to work for Waggles.com a company where I can bring my dog into the office any day I please. For us it’s just normal. So it got me thinking are all companies like ours? Companies today must offer perks to their employees that reach far beyond a 401K and a gym membership. In fact to recruit and keep high performing, quality employees you must be creative in showing your workforce just how appreciated they are. And with only about 7 percent of employers allowing pets at work, you can believe that it is only the smartest, most forward-thinking companies that fully understand what pets mean to their employees (Human Resource Management).


Ginger, an English bulldog, stands watch while at work with her owner, Will Pisnieski, at Authentic Entertainment in Burbank, Calif., in 2012.

#1 Waggles.com

Waggles.com is a high-quality pet boutique. It offers the #1 rated raw dehydrated pet food to poop-bags and even probiotics for our fur-babies. This small online company is based out of Florida where every employee has a dog and without a question, we can bring dogs in the office whenever we please. In fact, many of their doggie models are in-house employees’ fur-babies themselves. We adore dogs in the office and find it super inspiring to have them around when developing content and marketing ideas.


#2  Kimpton Hotel Chains

Before bringing dog’s to work became a hot commodity this company adopted a pet-friendly environment right from the start. Founder Bill Kimpton’s own love of animals made it an easy addition to company policies. Employees today are allowed to bring their furry friends to work. There is even a “Director of Pet Relations,” an employee-owned dog posted at the front desk and helps greet guests. To help care for their pets, Kimpton also provides employees with pet insurance, bereavement leave in the case of a pet death, and on-site amenities like water bowls, treats, beds, and toys. This company does it right!


#3 VMWare

This California company wasn’t always pet-friendly. Angela Padilla took note of her employee’s interaction and mood when she brought in a fostered dog. Cross-department traffic increased and so did employee moral. Dogs get a special ‘badge tag’ and a bandana, letting everyone know that they are VMWare official.


#4 Salesforce

We couldn’t have a dog-friendly company article without mentioning Salesforce. This San Francisco-based provider of cloud-based software is probably the most dog-friendly company around. “Puppyforce,” is the company’s official pet policy. They have rooms that are specifically decorated with anything and everything a dog and their owner could want for a comfortable day at the office. Just like Kimpton Hotel’s, they also provide employees with pet insurance discounts, dog walking, pet supplies, and vet house calls.



#5 Google

Yes, of course, Google is on this list. And as the epicenter for amazing employee perks this company sure does have a dog policy. In fact, they have dog rights in the company’s code of conduct. It reads as follows, “Google’s affection for our canine friends is an integral facet of our corporate culture.” The ”Dooglers” — a group of self-professed canine loving Google employees— can be seen visiting a dog-themed cafe on campus inspired by Yoshka, a Leonburger owned by Google employee #8 Urs Hölzle and the company’s first dog. Not bad Google!

#6 Build-A-Bear Workshop

First, we love this company and what they’ve done to help children slow down to enjoy the process of creating their toy. ‘Slow Toys’. This Missouri based company is uber friendly to dogs. The company’s amazing dog perks include puppy parties to celebrate dog birthdays, treats, and a canine concierge service that whisks the dogs off to a spa day with grooming and day camp.


If your company is pet-friendly let me know. I’d love to see a photo and your story. I would love to feature you on our Waggles Wall. Please write me directly Sam@waggles.com


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