6 Irresistible Dogs With Floppy Ears

6 Irresistible Dogs With Floppy Ears

I originally wanted this blog list post, to be about dogs with floppy ears and only highlight 5 breeds.  But who am I kidding?! So there are now 6. I think you’ll gush over them as I have.

Dogs with floppy ears are simply irresistible. Puppies with floppy ears have something characteristically that draws us closer. It instantly draws us to start speaking in our “doggie voice”. All puppy and dog breeds have their own signature characteristics, but those floppy ears! I just cannot get enough of them.

Dogs breeds like Harbors and these other breeds, it’s their big floppy ears that set them apart from the pack.

Here are 6 dog breeds with floppy ears that will get you saying ‘awe’ in your ”doggie voice” all day long! 


1. Black and Tan Coonhounds


Black and Tan Coonhounds, like Harbors, are known for their enormous floppy ears. This breed’s origins are right here in the USA. Not surprisingly, they have quickly become a world-renowned star! These lovable, dogs with floppy ears are known for their friendliness and affection toward their family members.

Despite their ears being the constant center of attention, they socialize very well with other dogs.  and are known to have overall good health. These dogs are extremely intelligent, but they are also known to be stubborn.  This character trait can sometimes lead to a frustrating time when it comes to training them. WWatch out these stunning dogs with floppy ears have a tendency to bark or howl; you can say they’re sassy!

Black and Tan Coonhounds love to run and play. Their need for exercise if on a scale of 1-10 a 10! For these reasons, they are great family members. They are good with children but not ideal for small living spaces like apartments. These floppy-eared, love bugs are not good in situations where they will be alone often. As they thrive on being your best friend and loving on everyone who loves on those big floppy ears!


2. Dachshund

Small dog big ears!


Dachshunds, also known as “weiner dogs” or “hot dogs”, are known for their signature floppy ears that highlight their small frame and adorable faces. Dachshunds love warm weather and are not ideal for the cold climates. With short coats and no undercoat or body fat to protect them, warming accessories are a hit with these dog breeds with floppy ears. 

This family-friendly breed is incredibly kid-friendly and affectionate, bonding easily with humans. Dachshunds love to hear themselves talk with their big ears. Boisterous despite their small stature. These pups love play time and have moderate exercise needs. They come in standard or miniature sizes ranging from under 11 pounds to a max of 16 pounds. You can help your pup lose weight here if it’s over 16 lbs. that could be dangerous for these dog breeds. Don’t let their size fool you, they pack a loving punch and have consistently ranked in the top of the most popular dog’s list since the 1950s.


3. Labrador Retriever


Labradors a.k.a. Labs, are America’s most popular breed. They stay true to their name by retrieving for hunters, being top show competitors and many work as search and rescue dogs. Labs are also known for being assistant dogs to the handicapped. This awesome floppy eared dog was bred to be a friendly companion and a top working breed. Since they are such dedicated, loving member of the family, Labs often struggle to be alone and want to be with their human family members and other dogs as often as possible.

These well-behaved balls of energy are easy to train. However, be prepared for them to shed a lot of their coat hair.  Our beloved Lab dogs with floppy ears have plenty of pent-up energy wanting to play and hunt all the time! This sporting breed usually lives for 10+ years and weighs between 55-80 pounds. This devoted breed’s sweet nature makes serving their families and owners their main priority. Although they have an innate desire to run and exercise, it is important to watch their nutrition and control their feeding as their appetites make them prime candidates for obesity and weight gain.

4. English Cocker Spaniel

Floppy eared dog and beautiful too


The English Cocker Spaniel is a dog with floppy ears for certain. They love to hunt. In fact, they get their name from hunting woodcock in England. These floppy-eared companions are the perfect match for pet parents who can give them the exercise and action they crave. They are very loyal and intelligent which makes them easy to train with their hunting instincts and discipline. Although these fur babies can adjust to apartment-style living very well, it is important to make sure they receive adequate exercise. These dog breeds are prone to weight gain. Read more about how dog food can affect your dog’s diet. The English Cocker is a certified 5-star family member! They are incredibly social with other dogs and kid friendly. These fur babies love to cuddle and give affection to everyone!

5. Basset Hound

Puppy basset Hounds. Their floppy dog ears are bigger than their bodies!


Basset Hounds were first bred in France. Like our other furry friends on this list, they are most known for their long, floppy dog ears on their small stature. These ears hang low on their stout frame and are commonly the highlight of their appearance. These little guys are usually only 1-2 inches tall and are very vocal.

Basset Hounds are good dog breeds for apartment living or in a home that does not have much room for playtime as their need for exercise and energy levels are much lower than let’s say a Labrador Retriever. Despite their lower energy levels, their small frames are bursting with love for their owners and other dogs. They love to have their big ears rubbed and cuddle time is a must with this sensitive breed.


6. Irish Setter

Irish Setter’s stunning coat is almost as good as it’s long big floppy dog ears!


The Irish Setter, originally bred in Ireland, is known around the globe as “gundogs” for their bird hunting skills. It is this dog breed’s intelligence that makes them excellent at their jobs. With a tendency to get sidetracked during training, their curiosity and stubbornness make for funny moments with these loveable floppy eared dogs. 

However, if you can keep them focused they are quick learners. The Irish Setters have uniquely, beautiful mahogany coats. When coupled with their floppy ears, efficiency and intellect it’s no wonder they’ve become a very popular breed worldwide.

True to their free spirit hunting roots, these 4 legged tracking machines demand high levels of intense exercise and outside stimulation. They enjoy playing with other dogs, their owners. These dogs are no strangers to full displays of their athleticism. They require a minimum of 1 hour of running and playing outside daily.

The Irish Setter dogs are prone to separation anxiety if left alone for too long. In addition to their unparalleled athletic skill, agility and beautiful appearance these dogs are commonly utilized to help heal humans as therapy dogs. Their intelligence, lovable personalities and loyalty make them amazing companions for those in hospice or children’s hospitals. 


Of all our furry dogs with floppy ears, we are positive that floppy ears will remain a favorite trait for as long as people love dogs. Which will be forever, if you ask us! All of these breeds make perfect companions and will change your life for the better! Their ears my always be the center of attention but their hearts are even bigger than those ears flapping in the wind!

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