7 Dog Parks I Highly Recommend

7 Dog Parks I Highly Recommend

My Top Dog Parks

I love to take road trips. Since it’s the only way I travel with Cookie, I make sure that I check out which dog parks I should visit during our journey. And trust me, there is no shortage of dog parks in the USA. So I’ve compiled my list of most memorable dog parks that I’ve explored. Some are near to you and some are far. And one I never went to with Cookie, but when I stumbled across it while in Hawaii, I knew that it was a place Cookie would love. Nevertheless, it’s safe to say that all of these parks will make your dog very very happy!

#1 New York – Prospect Park

It’s not every day a New York dog gets to let loose. And as a native New York city dweller myself, this park always brought so much joy to me and Cookie. When considering some of the top dog parks in the country one that designated “off-leash hours,” and in New York City area, it had to be on the list.

The terrain is beautiful, expansive and it’s in Brooklyn after all. Who can resist!

#7 Dog park in the country

#2 Kansas – Shawnee Mission Off-Leash Dog Area

A dog park with 53-acre of off-leash land could very well be doggie heaven! The Shawnee Mission boasts a swimming area, tons of natural surface trails, and wooded areas for your pup to explore. This park rightfully deserves a spot on our top 7!

Kansas Off-Leash Shawnee Mission dog park

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#3 Illinois – Montrose Dog Beach

Dog beaches always steel our hearts. Something so special for a dog to jump into the water and watch it play with the waves. Montrose is Chicago’s first legal off-leash beach for dogs. It’s no wonder it’s on our list!

#4 Massachusetts – Pilgrim Dog Park

Pilgrim park made the list not only for its poo-bag stations, kiosks, dog house, and dog awesomeness. It also made the cut because it’s designed with love and thoughtfulness by is local artists. Art and dogs, who can go wrong?

#5 Colorado – Cherry Creek State Park- Off Leash Dog Area

Colorado is a playground for humans and dog’s alike. Just think about it…with 107 acres of fenced fun and water access year-round imagine what a dog feels when the hook is let off and they are free to roam. What a feeling!

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#6  Missouri – Twin Lakes Recreation Area

Twin Lakes has 3 dog parks! So really this list is the top 10 dog parks in the US! The Lakeside park is designed for enclosure while giving the sense of wide open space. One of the sides is a lake for swimming. It’s safe and secure for your dog to roam free here. The Paws Pond dog park is particularly designed for smaller dogs to enjoy. Off-Season Dog Park is set up to prevent pups from falling through the frozen lake water, it is Chi-town after all.

#7  Hawaii – Hawaii Kai Dog Park

It’s hard to imagine anything in Hawaii not being spectacular. Their dog park is no different. Hawaii is beautiful and safe for your pup. It is the only state in ALL the Americas to not have any rabies!

I would love to hear from you on your top dog parks. Please leave a comment or write me directly at Sam@Waggles.com

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