7 Tips To Help Your Dog Live A Longer And Healthier Life

7 Tips To Help Your Dog Live A Longer And Healthier Life
When I first brought home my furbaby Rocco, my husband and I thought the “premium” dry food his breeder recommended was the best of the best . However, with him being a frenchie he was prone to all sorts of allergies and health issues. We found out quickly that the kibble I was giving him was actually really bad for him and filled with all sorts of harmful ingredients. Thankfully, my neighbor is a certified canine nutritionist and has a background in holistic medicine. His secret is Smack Raw Dehydrated Pet Food. Since switching to Smack my husband and I have seen the real difference that feeding organic, superfood ingredients can make. Rocco has a shiny coat, is much leaner and best of all, less poop for us to clean up!
Like people, dogs are what they eat. Save your dog a lot of suffering, and save yourself a fortune in vet bills, by learning the truth about your dog’s diet..Here's what you need to know --

Protein Rich Diets Are The Best! - Bone In, Whole Prey Proteins Are Key!

As descendants of wolves, your dog’s body needs important nutrients and vitamins from protein sources. Smack Raw Dehydrated Pet Food delivers food that is rich in protein and is gain free, so your dog will have more energy and reap the benefits of a healthier diet. By feeding your dog whole prey meats with organs & bones, they get all of the needed nutrients their bodies crave. Many “premium” kibbles have over 40+ ingredients many of them are grains, soy and synthetic to compensate for lack of REAL proteins.

Buy The Best Available - Human-Grade

Switching to Smack made me realize the difference between ‘Feed Grade’ food quality and ‘human grade’ food quality. ‘Feed-grade’ is less regulated and lower quality than ‘human-grade’. So, even if ‘big brands’ claim that their products are healthy, companies can legally use the meat from 4D animals (dead, dying, diseased and disabled animals) to make the food. That is not the case with human-grade dog food. Human-grade simply means that the food is made of high-quality ingredients that are good enough for human consumption. Raw Dehydrated food provides a ‘human grade’ raw diet option, that is convenient for working dog parents who don’t have the time or access to make their own raw food meals.

Knowing how to read a label is crucial! Ingredients listed as "meal" on the label are not what they appear

The first 3 ingredients are the most important when reading a label to understand what is REALLY in your dog’s food. "Meat meal", often called chicken meal or beef meal is just another way of saying "rendered" meat - the by-products or meat from fallen animals.  If beef, chicken, lamb, fish is not listed as the first ingredient, it means your dog’s food does not contain a high percentage of REAL proteins. Instead, the ingredients that show up in "rendered" meat might include materials like plastic, blood, feathers, and even roadkill.

The Quality Of Processed Commercial Foods Is Suspect - Fresh food & ingredients are best!

Supermarket kibble and canned dog food brands are cooked at an extremely high heat that strips the food of nutrients. Processed dog food is injected with synthetic vitamins and minerals and artificial flavors to compensate for cooking at such a high heat. These fillers and additives are detrimental to your dog’s health and longevity.
For example, corn, a cheap filler is used in many canned foods and kibble. Corn gives us both high fructose corn syrup and corn oil which are very fattening. It’s no wonder so many dogs are obese and suffer from diabetes. Fillers like these are extremely unhealthy for the dog and can affect their entire system from digestive issues, low energy, weight gain, unhealthy coat and skin, and can lead to degenerative disease.

Grain Free & Gluten Free Is a Must - “If it is not found in the wild, it doesn't belong in their bowl”

Most dog food is loaded with processed grains and wheat which has been linked to lethargic behavior and GI problems for dogs. It is important for them to have a diet rich is natural proteins, fruits and vegetables.  Your dog’s health affects their quality of life and their lifespan. Dogs with a healthy weight are more likely to live longer lives than dogs who are overweight. Smack Raw Dehydrated Pet Food's custom recipes takes their weight and many other factors to determine the best meal for your dog.

Don’t Be Fooled By Marketing Tricks. The truth is on the BACK of the bag!

Unfortunately, big conglomerate dog food companies have spent decades crafting the best way to market to pet parents. Industry professionals strategically place beautiful pictures of freshly caught fish, hand picked vegetables, and ‘premium’ poultry and beef on the bags and boxes of pet food. This genius marketing tactic has led to the front of the bag being the exact reason many pet parents choose their dog’s food.
However, don’t be fooled, the truth is in the ingredients on the back of the bag! Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to choosing your pet’s food. Almost everything—the text, the pictures—on the front is for marketing purposes.

Other than the name, quantity and the brand, there is no useful information on the front that pertains to the food’s quality or real components. Marketing claims like “premium,” “ultra-premium,” “joint healthy,” or “immune supporting” are frequently placed on the front of pet foods but have no legal definition under AAFCO.

Safety First! Know the foods that are best to feed your dog.

Besides the obvious - everyone knows not to feed their dog, chocolate, but do you know what foods are actually healthy for your dog and critical for optimal health?  Smack Raw Dehydrated Pet Food does! Some of Smack's recipes include USDA chicken, bone-in Salmon, carrots, blueberries, coconut, spinach, and even marjoram. Almost sounds like something you'd eat, right? That's the point it’s - human-grade! Your pup deserves the best.. If you wouldn’t eat it, why should they?

Can You Remember All That? Don’t Worry, Smack Has You Covered -Why Is Smack So Different Than All Other Brands Out There?

As a top rated Yelper, reviews are everything to me. I was sold when I saw that Smack has been “enthusiastically recommended” by DogFoodAdvisor, and that they were picked #1 out of more than 3,500 commercially reviewed dog foods!
The SECRET behind Smack is their foods are made with raw, organic ingredients that are then dehydrated. This unique concept gave our Rocco the benefits of a raw diet but give me the convenience of serving kibble. Their food is human-grade, grain free, gluten free, and low glycemic index. They also contain zero synthetics or artificial flavors.

Smack gets delivered straight to my door every month! Their all-natural recipes starts with the highest grade quality, organic food that is proven to be exactly what dog’s need in their diet. Since starting in 2008, they have not had a single incident or recall.


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