A Look Into The Wild Nature of Dogs.

A Look Into The Wild Nature of Dogs.

I just love thinking about what and how our dogs would be when they were in their natural and wild state. Here is how A look at the wild, natural state of a dog and how dogs should eat. 


Have you ever wondered what your dog would eat if it was left alone and in the wild? It could be easy for us especially me, to quickly jump into believing that our dog would die on their own.  “How would Cookie ever find food?” My sweet little girl. So it leaves me wondering, how should dogs eat? Shouldn’t they be eating as if we weren’t around, to begin with?


Good thing that is not true! Our dogs wouldn’t die, they would survive like that have for ages before us. Dogs were never intended to survive on man-made kibble. In fact, their “natural” state involves eating prey or as we know them better…mice, rabbits, birds, and insects. Think about wild dogs such as wolves; what does their diet consist of? If you have ever watched animal planet (I’m obsessed) you would know the answer to that, and it’s not store-purchased cheap kibble. They eat prey; it’s how dogs should eat. 


Dogs protein.


Dog owners have increasingly become more interested in the “natural” diet for their dog due to the reported health issues that many kibble company’s causes, and for the overall health of their furry friend. It is important to understand the dog’s natural state and what their diet should really look like in order to provide them with the proper diet. In this article, you will learn what you need to know about your dog’s natural diet so you can better accommodate their health needs.


What Does It Mean to Be A Carnivore?

Dogs are 100% carnivores! What exactly does this mean? It means they primarily eat meat protein. However, it also means they eat everything such as the organs, the bones, the meat, skin…you get the picture. On the other hand, unlike cats, dogs are not obligate carnivores because they also eat vegetable matter. Ultimately, this means a dog’s diet should be raw and natural, no corn or grains, just simply raw.


How dogs should eat


What Dogs Don’t Eat In the Wild

Getting an idea of what a dog’s natural diet or how dogs should eat is helpful. However, learning what they don’t eat will help you get a better idea of what they also shouldn’t eat in the diet we feed them today. Dogs in the wild never eat grain; their bodies simply can’t digest it properly. Even if their bodies could digest it, they wouldn’t be able to convert it into sugar in order to store it for later. What is so relevant about this statement? It is that the majority of kibble companies today all include grain in their dog food. Which should tell you why your dog shouldn’t be eating it.


What Should Be In A Carnivore’s Diet

Like we mentioned earlier, a carnivore is supposed to eat raw meat protein and lush vegetables and fruits. Without it, they do not reach optimal health or lifespan. Your dog’s natural state requires a raw food diet. There are many raw diets for dogs that owners can look into for their pet. In fact, you can even learn raw dog food recipes to make snacks that your furry companion would drool over. However, the most important thing you can do for your dog is finding the best raw dog food for their diet.

Here are the three recipes we recommend.

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