A Story of Dog Health Revival. A Parents’ Struggle & Triumph Over Their Dog’s Health & Well-Being.

A Story of Dog Health Revival. A Parents’ Struggle & Triumph Over Their Dog’s Health & Well-Being.

What happens when a couple chooses to take their dog’s well being serious? 

Matt and his wife Julie wrote into Waggles.com after months of seeing improvements in their dog Gizmo. Julie’s compelling story inspired us to feature it so that you would know the low down on this dog chow.

Julie says, that she knew the raw diet was the way they should be feeding their dog but as busy entrepreneurs, it wasn’t feasible. The meal prep time, storage and sourcing become a major factor when considering feeding your dog what Mother Nature intended for them to eat. Julie and Matt both agreed, “Smack has been a godsend!”


Matt and Julie had no kids when they wrote in, Gizmo their Frenchie became their fur-baby. Their love for the outdoors gave Gizmo a truly happy life. Long walks, play time at the dog park and even taking the dog out to brunches and dog-friendly beer gardens. Gizmo lived! Julie states, “I like to think I’m not one of those ‘crazy dog moms’, but let’s be serious, Gizmo is my furbaby. It’s no secret that we go out of our way to spoil our baby to give him the best life possible.”

Gizmo was 4 years old when the family moved from Northern Michigan to Florida. Matt began to notice changes in Gizmo. At first, he didn’t say anything to Julie, thinking that it was because he was finally an adult dog and that the combination of the move and ‘adulthood’ caused the symptoms. Matt described Gizmo as lethargic. Gizmo began to distance himself from his paw parents and began avoiding his breakfast and dinner bowls. After about a month Matt took notice of his excessive scratching behind his ears and his paws were bright pink. He felt it necessary at this point to speak to Julie about it. Julie, with nervous excitement, told her husband that she too began to notice the changes but didn’t want to sound too exaggerated and worried. She told Matt that she saw Gizmo biting his paws every day.

They both decided that it was time to bring him to the veterinary. A few weeks past after the visit to the vet and with no relief things got worse. Gizmo’s breath and diarrhea were uncontrollable. They made one last veterinary visit and were so dissatisfied with her ‘advice’ that they took matters into their own hands. After hours of researching online, they realized the culprit to all of the issues was Gizmo’s food!


After thousands of dollars spent on  “Premium,” “Organic,” and “Grain-Free” specialty supermarket and pet store kibble bags, Gizmo was still having skin issues, vomiting began daily, and he was no longer excited for their daily walks or trips to the dog park. Gizmo even lost his appetite for TREATS! Matt says, “normally, these words were the end all be all for his happiness, but now W-A-L-K and TREATS would barely get a tail wag. Something was seriously wrong with our pup.” Matt and Julie made it their mission to find the best dog food possible for Gizmo.

Purina dog food ingredients. Processed food and fillers.

“I couldn’t bear to see how sad my baby was from how sick all the dry kibble was making him feel!” Julie told us with disheartened anger.

Relief was on its way but it wouldn’t come until Julie’s best friend Alicia moved to Canada a few months later.  She raved about this new food she discovered in Canada called SMACK. At first, Julie was skeptical considering all the different types of dog food and name brand dog food she had tried. However, she couldn’t help but notice how happy Alicia’s dog was. Her Golden Retriever, Maggy seemed to be this model dog. Her coat was shiny, she was a healthy, slender dog, and no bad dog breath. Lower in weight then what Julie had originally recalled. Alicia swore that it was the Smack raw dog food diet she put Maggy on.

Julie states, “Alicia is just as crazy of a dog mom as I am, and she researched ALL of the top brands in Canada and SMACK was the overwhelming number 1 choice for all dog parents and veterinarians up there. I knew we had to give it a try.”

Why Did They Choose SMACK For Gizmo and Why Did They Stick With It?

Alicia, a doctor herself, was astonished by all the REAL proteins and the high-potency of superfood ingredients in Smack. When Julie heard about all the benefits of these superfoods, proteins and nonGMO ingredients she explained, “I had to try this miracle food!” Alicia confirmed her sentiment and showed her where to order it and how easy it was to never let her Frenchie baby Gizmo go without the proper nutrition again.

Julie still needed to talk to her husband about it. However, she knew that as a top rated Elite Yelper she could show Matt the great results other dog parents were having with this food. He was sold when he saw that Smack was “enthusiastically recommended by Dog Advisor,” and that they were, “picked #1 out of more than 3,500 commercially reviewed dog foods.”

Until recently, SMACK had only been available in Canada.  Their secret brand formulas were not sold in stores or with other brands claiming to offer the same raw food with the convenience of kibble. Thankfully, Alicia dug a little deeper for her best friend; she discovered us here at Waggles.com. We are the exclusive supplier of this Canadian super dog food in the United States. She sent the link over and Julie began answering the simple quiz that would determine Gizmo’s food recommendation. She placed her first order and within days Smack had arrived at her doorstep. Matt explains, “at first Gizmo was hesitant to eat what was in his bowl. But after a few sniffs, he gobbled it up like we hadn’t seen him do in months! It was such a relief.”

Why Is SMACK So Different Than All Other Brands Out There?

We at Waggles only carry the best. We believe in health for ourselves and for our pets. This translates into our overall customer experience and especially our products. We believe wholeheartedly that Smack is the best food on the market and for our pets. The SECRET behind Smack’s food is that they are made with raw, organic, dog diet specific ingredients that are then dehydrated. This is the unique mix that gave Gizmo and millions of other dogs the benefits of a raw diet. All dogs are supposed to be eating like this. And Smack has the convenience of normal dry food kibble but with all the benefits.

The icing on the cake for us is that Smack dog foods are made with “human grade” ingredients! Their food is grain free, gluten free, and has a low glycemic index. It also contains zero synthetics and artificial flavors. We couldn’t believe we had finally found the answer to all of the problems our paw parents are having with their dog’s allergies, premature death through cancer, and lackluster dog lives lived!

Matt enthusiastically declared, “At first, I couldn’t get over how few ingredients were in Smack’s different flavors. For example, Gizmo’s favorite is their Caribbean-Salmon Fusion. The ingredients are 55% wild salmon, millet seed, coconut, organic spinach, celery, organic carrot, organic pineapple, organic parsley, thyme, marjoram, and peppermint. I mean when I actually compared what we were feeding him, Taste of the Wild’s Salmon Dog Food it has 43 ingredients‼‼ And Blue’s Life Protection Formula has 69 ingredients. 69 INGREDIENTS! And both Taste of the Wild and Blue’s formulas include all kinds of weird ingredients that nobody but a chemist could pronounce.”

I couldn’t bare to see how sad my baby was from how sick all the dry kibble made him feel!

At Waggles we ensure that nothing we carry has ground yellow corn lullaby chicken by-product, we simply won’t have it! Paw parents everywhere like Julie and Matt are misguided to believe that they are feeding their dogs “Premium” proteins but actual meat is not listed as an ingredient. No beef, chicken, lamb, fish of any type or in it’s raw real and pure protein that a dog’s body craves and are required for an optimal life are listed.

Julie declared,If I wouldn’t eat it, my Gizmo shouldn’t have it in his bowl!”

Acceptable food for a dog

What Is Dehydrated Raw Dog Food?

Many of our readers are curious about “raw dehydrated dog food” and how such a diet can have the kind of transformation it has on dogs just like Gizmo. Transformations so drastic and in such a short period of time must be backed by great science and understanding.

SMACK makes their pet food fresh each day from their site just outside of Winnipeg in beautiful British Columbia Canada. All of their recipes start with 95% percent fresh meat, organs, and bone. Their ingredients mirror the whole prey meat-rich diet that dogs and cats require which is what Gizmo was missing and most dogs clearly miss. They add in superfoods packed with vitamins and minerals known to fight cancer, absorbed increase levels of nutrients, reduce waste, increase life expectancy and improve any dog’s overall health.

As a pet parent in today’s world, we feel the pressure from society for our dog to look their best, be the healthiest at the dog park, and love everyone, or we have failed as a parent.  For the effort and love, we put into training our babies, taking them to the groomer and making the best choices for them we can’t slack when and where they need us the most, with their diet! What they eat directly impacts their life!

Matt took a hard look and told us, “I now realize how much Gizmo relies on me and I was letting him down by not feeding him SMACK before.” The prices of vet bills,  medicine, and kibble these fly by night companies make put a dent in our reader’s wallets. Thankfully, this breakthrough by people who were sick of the same ongoing issues, such as Matt and Julie changed their dog’s life.

After seeing the life-changing effects SMACK had on Alicia’s dog, Matt and Julie’s dog and plenty of others seen through our research.


What Happened Next?

Matt & Julie’s Dog Diet Journal:

This clinically proven formula is completely natural since its made from the animal proteins and fresh veggies our dog’s body was missing. We were not certain of what was going to happen but with each passing week we couldn’t believe how our Gizmo got better and better!

Day 1:

Gizmo actually got up to eat when I put the food in his bowl immediately, it was obvious he could smell a difference.

Day 6:

The first thing I noticed when switching Gizmo to SMACK was his energy increased and he waited by his bowl every time I said, “ Are you hungry?! Or “Do you want your dinner?!’. It had been months since he even bothered getting up when I opened his bag of food. He wanted to play more and he was much more loving and wanting to cuddle on the couch after dinner!

Day 12:

Gizmo’s breath didn’t smell like rotten fish anymore and his farts stopped clearing out the room! His “number 2” was also solid every time, which was a change from the runny issues Gizmo was having before. And because I feed him fewer cups because there is no filler, there is much less waste to clean up off his puppy pad and in the yard!

Day 18:

Gizmo’s coat is so much shinier, and he is not scratching as much. He is not biting his paws after eating all the time and the redness in his paws and on his belly has disappeared. I learned that his coat is so much healthier because 40% of the protein a dog eats goes into their skin and coat, so with him eating more protein and REAL meats his body was getting the nutrients it needed to be at its best!

Day 24:

Gizmo has slimmed down and filled out! He is so much more muscular and defined and has been jumping from couch to couch with ease which is so much stronger than before. Since moving he was struggling to jump on my lap, now he has more energy and strength.

Day 30:

We went to our vet check today and our vet could not believe Gizmo’s transformation since his appointment when it was discovered his food was causing all of his issues. His weight was normal, his gum health was the best it has ever been and the vet explained his boost in energy and temperament was due to the reduction in carbohydrate fillers his body was being overfed with on his previous “Premium” kibble.

In addition to saving Gizmo’s life, I am winning as a pet parent. I never run out of food for him and I don’t have to worry about going to the store anymore! I feel like I may just be ready for a real baby! – Matt

SMACK Raw Dehydrated Dog Food has been clinically researched to:

  1.     Fight Cancer
  2.     Help Muscles Recover
  3.     Increase Longevity of Health
  4.     Improve Protein Digestion
  5.     Blood Sugar Regulation
  6.     Reduce Inflammation
  7.     Improve Insulin Sensitivity
  8.     Raise Serotonin Levels – Improve Mood
  9.     Reduce Gastrointestinal Disorders
  10.  Improve Vitamin & Mineral Absorption

The best dog food on the market finally here in the USA

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