All About the Raw Diet For Pet's


The Raw Food Diet: The Essentials

The Science Behind Raw Food Dehydration

  • Expertise in biochemistry, food engineering, and holistic medicine combined with an innovative production approach allows us to create the highest quality dehydrated pet food in the world.
    Dehydrating removes the moisture from the food, but it preserves all of the nutrients that would normally get cooked out of commercially processed food. This minimal process allows the food to maintain all the benefits of a raw diet with the convenience and ease of serving dry kibble. By using gentle low-temperature air drying methods you can retain more sensitive nutrients as compared to freezing.

The Benefits of a Raw Diet For Your Pets

  • Cleaner Teeth & Healthier Gums - Raw meat and bones used in a raw food diet or dehydrated raw kibble prevent plaque from building up in your pets mouth. They're easily digested and a helpful source of calcium.
  • Keep Extra Weight Off - High protein diets help your met maintain a lean figure by containing less fat, hormones, and preservatives. A lot of protein always helps your pet feel full, enabling them to eat less.
  • Better Digestion & Improved Stool Quality - Since your pet feels more full on less food, they have smaller and overall, less bowel movements. You can expect them to be firmer and less smelly.
  • Improved Eye Health - The perfect amount of fats, protein, and carbs within a raw food diet provide antioxidants and other nutrients that help protect their eyes.

“Dogs and cats never mastered fire, their natural approach to food is raw, and why not? A raw diet is an excellent source of high quality nutrition that can’t usually be found in commercialized pet food.”


Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins, Esq.

100% Fresh Ingredients

Human Grade

Minimalist ingredients, free range USDA chicken or Bone in Salmon recipe

Raw Dehydrated

Made with only 15 natural and grain free ingredients

All Natural

Dog food with no by-products, preservatives or GMO ingredients

How To Make The Switch To A Dehydrated Raw Diet

Transitioning your pet's food can be a challenging task and requires attention to ensure that it doesn't affect your pet's digestion. You want to be sure not to change their food too quickly or all at one time. The process should take between 1 and 2 weeks for the full transition. (If your pet has a sensitive stomach this may take longer.)

You want to thoroughly mix the new and old brands of dog food together so they can't discern the difference and only eat a portion of the food. Start by giving your dog 75% of the old food and 25% of the new food. You can then begin to move 50% and 50%, then 25% of the old brand, 75% of the new brand until you've reached 100% of the new brand.


Feeding Guidelines


  • How Do I Introduce SMACK to my Pet? 
    • If you feed your dog or cat 1 cup of food, start with 1/4 dry cup of Smack added to 3/4 cup of the outgoing diet. Pay attention to how your pet responds and increase gradually over a period of two weeks. Refer to the chart above.
  • Is Raw Dehydrated Food Suitable For Large & Small Dog Breeds?
    • Smack Pet Food is suitable for all life stages and breeds. We crafted the food with the proper amount of calcium (in grams Ca per 1 kg food) to properly grow the skeletal structure of both large and small breed puppies and dogs.
  • Do I Need to Add Water to SMACK?
    • You do not need to add water - you can scoop and feed like you would kibble. Although if your pet prefers wet food, you can certainly add water to it or simply serve it to them as regular or training treats!
  • If It's Prepared Raw, Is It Safe from Bacteria?
    • SMACK is dehydrated and cooked at low temperatures which eliminates all pathogens. None of the foods that leave the SMACK facility for sale or resale have tested positive for pathogens or mold. Since they started in 2008, they have not had a single incident or recall.
  • How Do I Store SMACK Pet Food?
    • SMACK pet food is sold in a vacuum sealed bag, ensuring it's freshness and flavor for your pet. You can store SMACK in a cool dry place such as a cabinet as you would traditional kibble!
  • How Long Does a Bag Usually Last?
    • This depends on the age, metabolism, weight, and activity level of your dog or cat. For an average 50 lbs dog, a 2.5 kg (5.5 lb) bag of Crunchy Style will last 3 weeks.
  • I've Noticed My Smack Pet Food Gets Crumbly At The Bottom, Near The End Of The Bag. Why Is That?
    • Because we don't use any synthetic fillers or additives to make the food stick together better, the dehydrated, fresh and natural ingredients may fall apart near the end of the bag. We suggest adding a little bit of water to the remaining food in your bag, it helps the food congeal and your pet will clean the bowl and enjoy it just as much!

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