Are You Aware Of How Rawhide Negatively Effects Our Doggies?


Rawhide Is Bad for Dogs!? When I was told this little truth about rawhide being really bad even deadly for our dogs I needed to dig deeper. 


Rawhide is  the most common chew stick on the market.  Yet, it is said to that indeed, rawhide is bad for dogs. In fact, it is dangerous for dogs. How is that so? Rawhide chew sticks are seen in almost every pet store or grocery store. They are affordable and dogs seem to love them. One can seemingly buy them anywhere. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they are the best option for your dog OR that it’s even healthy for your dog to have.

Many pet owners get rawhide because their dog can chew on it for hours keeping them busy, for longer, which apparently decreases the number of visits to the store. While all of that may sound harmless, you are missing the significant warning, that rawhide chew sticks are in fact toxic leather sticks!

You would think that every dog owner would want the best for their dog. I assume that’s the truth and that people just aren’t educated on the topic. So here is where YOU AND I come in. We must SHARE this with everyone we know!

Our dogs need US to feed them the healthiest food, give them enough exercise and of course, smother them with love!


All doggies need love!

Ensuring your dog has optimum health means keeping them away from harmful products such as rawhide. Give your furry friend the longest and happiest life possible by learning about the dangers of rawhide here.

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What Is Rawhide

Rawhide is dangerous and not healthy for your dog.


You may have heard many horror stories and articles on the popular chew stick, rawhide. It is a popular treat sold everywhere for pets to enjoy a long lasting chewing. However, it’s not about the chew stick, it’s about what it consists of. Rawhide treats claim they are “natural” digestible chews, when in fact, their product has been poisoning animals.

The chews are made from dried animal skins, but it’s not what you think. In fact, the name “rawhide” should not be the name at all; it should be “processed-hide”. These chew sticks are the leftover by-products of the leather industry. There is an extremely long process that the leftover animal skin has to endure before it comes to the rawhide chew stick. Let’s go through the process and let you determine whether you want your dog to be chewing on this product or not:


  1.    The Tannery

Our dogs eat this…yes, this is rawhide or leather.

Once the hides are received at the tannery they are all soaked and treated with an ash-lye solution or a toxic sodium sulfide liming. However, the chemical treatments don’t stop there. The hides are then treated with more chemicals to help puff up the hide in order to split into layers.


  1.    Cleansed With More Chemicals

Now that the inner layer of the hide has been stripped, there are more chemical stages waiting. The inner hide is now washed and whitened using a type of bleach and other hydrogen peroxide chemicals to remove the smell. Understandably, there is research stating they will even use stronger chemicals if the bleach isn’t strong enough.


  1.    Making It Look Pretty

Now the factory has to take the bleached out and chemically treated “leather by-product” and begin to make it look appealing and taste “delicious”. The hide is then basted and smoked. After which, they are tinted and dyed with artificial colors and flavors. Some of the bones are even painted with titanium oxide (extremely harmful to animals) in order to appear white and pretty on the shelves.


  1.    Making It Last Forever

This goes for humans too, anything that says it is long lasting is usually not made out of natural products. Brace yourselves: rawhide has been tested to contain lead, arsenic, mercury, and formaldehyde in order to keep it “long-lasting”. All of these chemicals are detrimental and life-threatening when digested.


Rawhide’s Digestibility

Let’s consider the facts of what exactly your dog is digesting when chewing on a rawhide stick. Imagine all the chemicals we listed above, those are not easily digestible ingredients and are in fact harmful to be digested. Hundreds if not thousands, of cases where pets have been rushed into emergency surgeries or even died due to the harmful chemicals. Although they don’t swallow the chew whole, it is still being ingested through their saliva.


Choking Hazard

This is a great way to help your dog from choking on rawhide. Illustration provided by First Aid For Pets

Not only is rawhide dangerous to ingest, it is also a serious choking hazard to be considered. Rawhide is bad for dogs of all sizes. The fine print points to this truth, right on the package. It reads,

“…chocking or blockages. If your dog swallows large pieces of rawhide, the rawhide can get stuck in the esophagus or other parts of the digestive tract. Sometimes abdominal surgery is needed in order to remove them from the stomach or intestines. If it is not resolved, a blockage can lead to death.”

That isn’t the most reassuring thing to hear now, is it?


The Choice Lies in The Hands of The Owner

Now that you read about rawhide being bad, deadly for your dog the choice is yours. Whether you think its all a bunch of mumbo-jumbo or you believe these facts it matters, If you want the best life for your pet, Dog treats homemade is the ultimate choice. Things like a raw diet for dogs and all natural healthy dog treat recipes are all beneficial. The best dog treats are snacks that will benefit the overall health of your dog.

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