Best Dog Food: How to Choose What Ultimate Nutrition For Your Dog

Best Dog Food: How to Choose What Ultimate Nutrition For Your Dog

According to our recent reader poll, one of the main concerns pet owners have is which food they should be feeding their dogs. With so many brands on the market, it can be an overwhelming task to determine which one is healthiest and most beneficial. While almost all dog food manufacturers claim to be the “best” it doesn’t mean they are the healthiest. We want to give our dogs the healthiest food that provides the ultimate nourishment for a healthy heart, bone growth, and a long life. In today’s dog food market there are too many brands that use fillers (rather than raw meat) and genetically modified organisms aka GMO corn in their food causing severe harm to dogs.

Here at Waggles, we concern ourselves with such matters and it bonds all of our reads and customers together. We all want to find a dog food that will provide a healthy life for his or her pet. And it’s not just here at Waggles right? We believe that all dog owners assume the responsibility to finding the ultimate dog nutrition.

What does dog nutrition actually mean? It means the dog food needs to contain wholesome ingredients with nutritious benefits; particular proteins that are easy for a dog’s digestive tract to handle. Probiotics and antioxidants that help maintain healthy coats, clean breath and healthy vitality such things are essential to our dog’s lifespan and quality.

With a plethora of dog food manufacturers where hundreds rather thousands claim to be “the best” “premium” or “nutritious” we’be our together a guide that will help you determine what is true is best for your dog.

Here are some things you should look for when shopping for the best dog food on the market:

What Makes Dog Food “Good”

Let’s get straight to the point and start with the hard facts. Dog food that is bad can cause chronic health issues throughout your dog’s life. These issues may be itching, dry hair, hot spots, excessive shedding, loose stool, gassiness, bad breath, cancer and/or infections. In fact, the wrong food can even lead to death.

Unfortunately, just because your dog likes the taste of the food you’re already giving them doesn’t mean it is “good”. The definition of “good” in these terms means food that is nutritiously beneficial for your dog. Most pet owners feed their dogs processed food or wet food because it is cheaper and convenient to purchase. In addition, good dog food should contain grains, vegetables, fruits, and meat. They all provide essential vitamins, minerals, and fibers that your dog needs in order to stay healthy. In fact, you want to buy foods that contain extremely high-quality versions of these ingredients.

What to avoid?

Avoid dog food that contains less than 50% of the above ingredients. Anything less indicates that they are putting more fillers (animal fat and GMO corn) to fill up the extra space. Always check the nutritional facts on your dog’s bag of food, and ensure you know what each ingredient means. You wouldn’t eat something that you aren’t familiar with, would you? Neither should your dog.

Nutritional Needs

Today’s conventional dog food only meets a minimum of the nutritional requirements for dogs. This means your furry companion is being robbed of at least half of their required nutrition to keep them going and feeling good! To read more about what your dog is actually eating when it fed anything less than raw, organic food read this article.

Take all of these factors into perspective: your dog needs to maintain healthy teeth, a healthy heart, bone growth, and a functioning digestive system. Just like a human, their bodies require certain amounts of daily nutrition in order to ensure these areas are functioning as they should be.

How Do Dog Size and Weight Impact My Dog?

First things first, when you are considering the nutritional needs of your dog you need to determine the size and weight of your dog. Are they considered small or large, or are they young or old? Take this Quiz to determine how much real nutrition they should be eating. This will change the nutritional requirements of your dog. Some small dogs can’t take in a lot of meat products due to their size, and some large dogs may require more vegetables because they have larger bones to feed.

What is a Raw Dog Food Diet?

The only way for a dog to achieve optimum health is a raw diet for dogs. Simply put, they need to be eating what they were intended to eat. Our dogs biologically need an all natural and raw ingredient diet to maintain a healthy heart. This means no processed foods, no fillers, and no corn whatsoever! You might be thinking this option is far too expensive. However, most raw diets and homemade dog food is just as affordable as other dog food brands. The best raw dog food will contain raw meats, vegetables, and grains. The #1 choice in Canada is Smack dog food and now we have it too here in the states! Take a look at all the goodness in this top awarded, raw dehydrated dog food.

All and all…best doesn’t actually mean best or top or premium unless the ingredients on the back of your dog foods bag can back up the claim written on the front of the bag. You can read more about the loopholes that the dog food industry thrives on here.


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