Best Dog Shampoos for Sensitive Skin

Best Dog Shampoos for Sensitive Skin

My sweet puppy Cookie used to suffer from itchy, dry, sensitive skin. With a few tweaks to her diet, water, and shampoo she was looking younger, smelling cleaner and her coat was luscious. Sensitive skin is something that many dogs suffer from. So I’ve decided to compile a short list of dog shampoo products that make the cut.


There are a few things that can change your dog’s comfortability such as its diet and food intake. Along with the kind of water your dog drinks. Moreover, the most important and often with instant relief for your dog is the shampoo we use to bathe them in. So what are the best dog shampoos for sensitive skin? With a market so full of ‘premium’ the ‘best’ with intriguing, even distracting product branding we needed to get to the bottom of this topic.



Grooming your dog is one thing, doing it right is another. One of the most important factors to consider in grooming your dog correctly is selecting the best shampoo. Yes, we all want our pups to smell clean but more importantly have a healthy coat. 


Golden Retriever that sheds less and has a shinier, healthier coat.


Some pet owners use their own shampoo to bathe their dogs. We do not recommend humans to use our chemically engineered hair products for our canine friends. Others go for the cheapest cleaning agent they can find on the market. Often without considering how their dog will react to the ingredients listed on the back of the label. 

The implications of using the wrong shampoo on your dog can be quite unpleasant. It could lead to itching, irritation and hot spots especially if your dog has sensitive skin.



So, to ease the search for you, we’ve scoured the web, and we present to you a list of the best dog shampoos for sensitive skin that is on the market today.

This first one is by far the best dog shampoo for sensitive skin that I’ve ever tried. It’s the one I use for Cookie!

  1. King Klean All Natural & Organic Canine De-Shedding Shampoo
    • King Klean is an all-natural, organic canine de-shedding shampoo specially formulated to keep your dog’s delicate fur not only clean but also healthy.
    • It is a hypo-allergic, non-toxic shampoo made from natural oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, Jojoba oil, Aloe Vera, Rosemary oil, and lemongrass.
    • It is easily rinsed off, eco-friendly and promises to leave your dog crisp and sweet smelling.
  2. Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo:
    • This pet shampoo comes in several varieties made from different ingredients that are proven to have special properties that help your pup’s fur health.
    • One can choose between the non-fragrant or fragrant oatmeal and Aloe Vera dog shampoo variety which is formulated for dogs with sensitive skin.
    • They’re also suitable even for pets with the sensitive nose too.
  3. Moosh Natural Dog Shampoo:
    • This shampoo has antibacterial and antifungal properties.
    • The formula contains Aloe Vera, Shea butter, and argan oil.
    • Great for outdoor camping use as it has insect repellent ingredients. too such as neem oil.
    • It is a completely plant-based formula made from coconut oil, oatmeal and aloe extract to clean and soothe your dog’s sensitive skin

Vet’s best hypo-allergenic dog shampoo for sensitive skin:

When it comes to choosing the best dog shampoos for sensitive skin types, vets all agree. Most experts recommend using a hypo-allergenic product for dogs with sensitive skin and allergies. It contains vitamin E and Aloe Vera that are active constituents for soothing your dog’s fur and guaranteed to keep your dog healthy and smelling great.

No-rinse waterless shampoo:

Dogs with sensitive skin are prone to become itchy and irritated with frequent washing. With no-rinse waterless shampoo, you can keep your dog clean. As well, you won’t have to worry about using too much water. Rather, you lather the foam on your dog’s body and wipe off any excess.

So, there you have it, let me know if you’ve used any of the products and what your experience was. And if your dog is like the dog in the photo below…Well, good luck! And be sure to laugh often. 

Please send me any photos you have of your dog bathing, I’d love to feature your fur-baby on our Waggles Wall


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