Can Our Dogs Teach Us More Than We Think?

My dog, I’m sure like yours is always doing something that makes you wonder. So I got to thinking, what if having a dog is more than just having a companion, but also something that is placed in our lives to teach us?  What can we learn from our dogs?
Did you know that our dogs can teach us some of life’s most challenging lessons? Our dogs are part of a bigger picture. So what can we learn from our fur-babies? One thing that’s for certain is that we can learn to rest more. haha
However, seriously speaking, we can begin to watch our own dog’s behaviors during times of illness, playtime or interactions with other pets.  These are highly teachable moments for us in finding healthier interactions within our daily lives.
Cognitive ethologist Mark Bekoff and Dr. Jaak Panksepp A neuroscientist and author of Affective Neuroscience: The Foundations of Human and Animal Emotions, has shared theories of the “blue-ribbon emotions” both people and animals share. As stated in Energy Healing for Animals by Joan Ranquet. The “blue-ribbon emotions” theory is related behavior sequences such as seeking, lust, fear, rage, play, care, panic, and grief when experienced by both pet and person repetitively can become shared behavior. Not to imply that our pets are on the same level as us logically. However, we can relate in the form of our primary emotions.

A dog, unlike us, will not think logically about his or her feelings. We humans have the abilities to think before we do. Humans can choose behavior that can be both effective and cruelty-free. Learning from our dogs is easier then we may think.
For example, when a dog sees a black garbage bag on its walk in the evening it would instinctively become cautious. Whereas we understanding that it is just a bag, take strides with confidence. We hold their leash tight to ensure them that the bag will not harm them. Thus, future encounters will be less stressful for our dog. Stress is just one of the emotions that can be related to as both human and dog behavior.

What other expressions can we learn from our pups?

Forgiveness is one of our favorite topics to write about when it comes to dogs. Dogs have a great way of living life in the present. This simple truth can be a challenging thing for humans. We often dwell on the past or the future. Forgiveness lies in the present. A great example of this is when dogs play with one another or with a kitten for instance; a kitten may accidentally scratch a dog. The dog would growl for being too rough causing the kitten to scurry away. Nevertheless, when the kitten feels playful again they both get back to play time as if nothing ever happened.
This example shows the ease in which pets forgive and move forward. Humans, in general, take a long time to soften their hearts. To forgive and move past the hurt someone may have caused them.  Furthermore, taking a cue from our furry canine friends can help us to heal in our own lives and relationships.
Dogs have a great way of making us think. We know you can always count on your canine companion to act in love. Now you also know they can teach you how to love. 


To see your canine friend in action travel to your local dog park and watch them play. One can observe various body languages and hear diverse barks. Moreover, pay close attention to how the other dogs are reacting to it all. Hey, maybe you can learn a thing or to about communication from your canine friend.


This article was written by my dear friend and mobile dog groomer and natural product consultant, Carissa Nicole. She like us is a fellow paw parent.

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