Common Cat Hazards To Keep An Eye Out For

Common Cat Hazards To Keep An Eye Out For

 We're all pretty aware of how wonderfully playful, charismatic, intelligent, and independent our cat's are. However, these curious little babies can be prone to getting into things they maybe shouldn't. You might have some questions as to how to care for your fluffy friend and keep them safe indoors and we can help!

Identifying items that could be potentially hazardous or dangerous to your kitties health is helpful in addressing some of these questions and taking precautions against items that are typically threatening to felines will help keep your household calm and safe for your kitty. 

  • Unplug dangling cords. Some cats like to chew on cords so until you're aware that your cat isn't one of them, it's best not to risk an electric shock. Our cats are also big fans of investigating cramped spaces and jumping from place to place so if you have any wires strung precariously about that you don't want to go ripping out of their socket, it might be time to adjust your wiring situation. Also, be alert to potential fire hazards-lamps can tip over while you are out of the room, causing the shade to ignite and start a fire.
  • Beware poisonous plants. Many common houseplants, like Easter lilies and philodendrons, are toxic to cats and can kill them if consumed. Do a quick google search to identify the current house plants you have, or any your cat could interact within your yard and make sure they're safe for cat's to ingest, just in case. 
  • Remove tablecloths from unattended tables.  All cats, but especially new kittens can be particularly curious about what's up on there on the table and might use the table cloth to climb up the side. The result could be pretty disastrous, from broken dinnerware to injured kitties, it isn't worth it. Until your cat is adjusted to navigating their way through the house without pulling things down, best to go without the table cloth. 
  • Cover garbage disposal switches. These graceful, natural climbers usually find their way to the kitchen, kitchen counters, and finally the kitchen sink eventually. Many have been known to swat their furry little paws at light switches, such as the one for the garbage disposal. Special covers are available at hardware stores and retail locations that are designed to aesthetically cover up the switch and help avoid an accident.
  • Keep drapery cords out of reach. Treating your cat as if their child in terms of child-proofing your home is never a bad idea. It's positive to ensure devices that could possibly ensnare your cat are properly collected and in their place, away from the cat. For example, the dangling cords that attach to drapes or curtains could be dangerous for cats that might get tangled up in them and get a cord looped around their neck or throat. Make sure things like these are well secured, coiled or tied together to avoid this. 
  • Close the dryer door. Cats are naturally curious and love to explore especially cramped dark and quiet places. Always double-check inside any appliances before closing the door to them or using them, always. This is especially true for the dryer, cats have a tendency to love sitting among warm clothes in the dark space. 
  • Make sure your screen door has a securing latch. atThere are indoor cats and there are outdoor cats but it's safe to say, they are primarily safer indoors. If you have an indoor cat, don't run the risk that they could slip away unnoticed. Ensure your sliding or screen door is always properly secured and latched. If you cat scratches or tears your screening, it's best to patch and repair it immediately. 
  • Pack away precious breakables. This is a great tip if you're just introducing a new kitten or cat to your home. They will want to explore and become familiar with their new area but this can mean jumping on tables, walking through cuboards and cabinets, bookshelves, and more. Try and remove precious or fragile items at first to avoid incident. 
  • Cover your furniture. If you're not the biggest fan of cat hair and don't want it getting on your upholstery, put an old sheet or blanket on the most popular furniture that your cats love. That way your cat can enjoy the furniture along with you without shedding fur all over it. Simply remove the sheet when guests arrive.


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