Commonly Missed Aches & Pains That Could Be Bothering Your Cat.

Commonly Missed Aches & Pains That Could Be Bothering Your Cat.

As we all know, cat's are truly majestic, enchanting creatures that lead mildly mysterious lives, even when it's predominantly in your house. That's why it can be challenging sometimes to pin down if they're acting strangely, as if they're in pain, or if they're just in a snooty kitty kind of mood. These independent and fiercely unique animals have their own tells for when they may be attempting to communicate something. Here's a line-up of a few moves cat's make to indicate that something could be amiss. 

1. My Cat Is Limping Or Dragging a Limb 

When we silly humans are favoring a limb over another, it's usually because we've injured a bone, sprained something, or pulled a muscle or set of muscles. When we see this behavior in our cat's, it's easy for us to assume they're suffering from the same thing when often that's wrong. If your cat is limping or favoring a paw or leg over another, it's usually a sign that your cat his been bitten by another cat. 

More common in cat's that commonly go outside part of the time, cat's that are limping usually have suffered injury from another cat, or a dog in some cases. Another symptom you may discover is that area becoming swollen and leaking fluid. Your vet will likely diagnose this, clip the fur around the area and clean it before draining the abscess and closing it. Your pet may receive antibiotics as a part of their treatment. 

Another instance where your cat is dragging a limb but not overtly in pain is when they have an ingrown toenail. Ouch! This is more common for older cats and cats that live primarily indoors. If you see that your cat is walking tentatively or avoiding use of one or more of their paws, an ingrown toenail can often be the culprit. To avoid this, simply keep on top of your toenail clipping practice. 

2. My Cat Is Straining In Their Litter Box

Does your cat look overly uncomfortable when they're using their litter box, or are they spending a substantial amount of time trying to go to the bathroom? This could be a sign that your cat is suffering from a Urinary Tract Infection or Blockage. This is more common in male cats and can be absurdly painful for them. Another symptom your cat may exhibit when they have a UTI is loud meowing or screeching when you attempt to touch their bellies or sides. 

This is definitely an ailment that is harder for your pet to hide and if you notice these signs you should take your cat to your vet immediately. Your pet may require anesthesia and meds following removal of the blockage. 

Another issue to watch out for that is in the same vein is feline idiopathic cystitis. This is an inflammation of the bladder that is known to cause major discomfort for our cats. Symptoms include frequent and random urination throughout the area they're in, and straining to urinate in their litter boxes. 

3. My Cat Is Overly Squinty Or Teary

If your cat is giving you a lot more cute winks than usual or their eyes appear teary, goopy, or have more discharge than usual - it's safe to assume they either have an corneal lesion or ulcer within their eye. This can cause a lot of discomfort and pain for your cat. Can you image something constantly feeling like it's stuck in your eye? Ugh! No thank you! 

To nip this issue in the bud, it's best to seek veterinary assistance so if it is a simple lesion it can be mended so it won't lead to further infection or damage. If your cat has an ulcer, they may need surgical repair if necessary but the majority of the time it can be avoided. 

4. My Cat Is Chattering Their Jaws

This is one of the most common symptoms that cat owners misconstrue for cute and benign behavior. Although it is still super cute, it can still be a sign that something may be amiss within your cat's mouth. This could be your cat telling you they have painful lesions running along their gum-line that feel like deeply rooted cavities. 

In this case, it's time to get some x-rays to the see the extent of the lesions, in some cases some teeth my need extraction. In some cases though, your cat may very well just be funny and chattering their jaws - but it's definitely something to get checked out just in case. 

5. My Kitty Has Consistently Awful Breath 

If your cat has been suffering from really potent, bad breath from some time and you've picked up on a few other changes in behavior such as a lack of appetite, weight loss, drooling and lethargy, then your cat could be suffering from Stomatitis. 

This is a hugely painful inflammation of the gums and oral tissue, especially surrounding the molars. This makes it hard for your pet to eat, groom themselves, and even open their mouths fully at times. If your cat has contracted stomatitis they will likely require an extensive cleaning and a few dental extractions but once mended, they can be perfectly okay.

We recommend investing in a pet breath spray to routinely spray on their gum line or add to their water. This is a huge preventative measure for your cats health.  Pet breath spray can help them avoid a number of health issues in the future and protect them from ailments throughout the day. 

In Conclusion

I desperately wish I could chat back and forth with my cat, there would be a lot of gossip but it would definitely help in knowing how they're feeling. Instead, we just have to learn their language and pick up on the signs they send us. We'll be back with more cool tips on how to read your kitty right. If you've seen any smart indicators from your cat, feel free to send us a message! We love hearing from you! 

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