Did You Know That Your Pup Can Eat These Fruits And Veggies For A Better Natural Dog Food Diet?

Did You Know That Your Pup Can Eat These Fruits And Veggies For A Better Natural Dog Food Diet?

Natural Product Specialist, Carissa Medina, Writes About The Importance of Natural Dog Food. How Adding Veggies And Fruits Help Our Canines.

Seems like many pet parents do not know what foods are right for their dog. Dogs love natural dog food. So I spoke with a trusted natural dog food product specialist Carissa Medina. Carissa became a specialist during her 10-year career as a mobile dog groomer. Once she began to use natural products such as shampoo, calming oils, organic dog treats, and even raw dehydrated dog food, she saw a swift change in her canine clients.


Natural dog food is a raw dog food diet


While they are carnivores introducing vegetables and fruits is very beneficial to their health. Consequently, our world is filled with pollutants, carcinogens and many toxins. As a result, it is more important than ever to feed our dogs a natural dog food diet. Most of all, one that includes fruits and vegetables. Additionally antioxidants and immunity boosting, holistic foods are essential to your dog’s overall health.

So how do we know what kinds of fruits and veggies are right for dogs? What is it that your dog needs that can’t come from just protein?

Our dog’s biological makeup is designed to chomp down proteins. This increases their digestive capabilities. As a result, their teeth are positioned in particular patterns. Seemingly, helping them to tear through tough meats, bones, organs, and muscles.  A dog’s saliva and mucus lubricates the digestive system. From here, the food moves to the stomach where enzymes further break down those proteins.

Unfortunately, today’s food is not natural dog food. Rather the processed, soy filled, filler induced, toxic kibble and wet food fed to our dogs isn’t designed for such a flawless digestive system. Therefore, our pets aren’t getting enough nutrition to assist in a healthier elimination. While we feed “convenient kibble” our dogs experience blockage, diarrhea, bad breath and even anal gland ruptures.

What Can You Do For Their Diet To Ensure Healthier Elimination?

Sometimes our pets nutrition needs are not being met with typical dry foods. In addition, adding healthy fruits and vegetables are needed for proper and complete functioning. Nutritional components such as fiber can be added to your pet’s food. Consequently, controlling ph levels such as acidity in the gut assisting in heart and elimination health. Most of all, antioxidants from sources of vitamins C, E, A, selenium aid in removal of free radicals. Furthermore helping with pets suffering from allergies or skin conditions.  

Which Natural Dog Foods Can I Add Into My Dog’s Diet?

  • Pumpkin- fiber, potassium, beta carotene (antioxidant), & Vitamin C.
  • Peas- fiber, minerals, vitamins A, K, B and rich in proteins.
  • Dandelion leaf- calcium, iron, potassium, thiamin, & Vitamins C & B6.
  • Sweet potato- fiber, beta-carotene, vitamins B-6 & C.
  • Carrot-Produces Vitamin A.
  • Cucumbers- VitaminK, C, & B1, potassium, magnesium, & biotin.

Natural Dog Food Diet is essential to a dog living in today's world


  • Avocado-superfood, high in fiber, fatty acids, vitamins a, b6, c, e, folate, & niacin. ( Do not feed pit, skin, or leaves as they are toxic to the dog’s health.)
  • Raspberries- antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties.

Berries are an excellent source of natural fruit that can be added to your dog food

  • Apples- fiber, vitamin a, & c.
  • Blueberries- antioxidant, vitamin c, & phytochemicals.
  • Mango- Vitamins A, C, E, B6, beta carotene, & alpha carotene.
  • Watermelon- potassium, vitamins a, b6, & c. (Great for hydration).
  • Pineapples-  full of minerals such as copper, manganese, iron, zinc, calcium, vitamins c, b6, riboflavin, thiamin, and niacin.

What Are The Benefits Of a Fruit And Vegetable For Your Pet?

Most noteworthy, benefits of fruits and vegetables for your dogs are indisputable. Especially, health concerns such as allergies, skin conditions, absorption of nutrients, healthy elimination, and anti-inflammatory.

Tips For Introducing A Dog To Fruits And Vegetables.

  1. Frozen fruit/veggie based smoothie.
  2. Freeze blueberries, mango, or pineapples and give as a treat. You can also purchase any of these raw dehydrated dog foods that contain organic of each ingredient. 
  3. Cook vegetables and add to dog food. However, this eliminates many of the essential nutrients needed. Another option is a raw dehydrated food that helps preserve all the nutrients your dog needs. 
  4. Replace unhealthy treats with carrots or frozen foods. Here is a list of our favorite treats. These are homemade dog treat options. 

Carissa Nicole

Traveling groomer & natural product specialist


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