Dog Food Recall Alert!

Dog Food Recall Alert!

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is notifying consumers of a recall of raw turkey pet food from Woody’s Pet Food Deli due to Salmonella contamination.

This recall was issued after product samples collected by the MDA tested positive for Salmonella. 

The recalled product was sold in 5-pound plastic containers labeled “Woody’s Pet Food Deli Raw Free Range Turkey” and can be identified by the white date sticker on the cover of the pet food container.

The product was sold at Woody’s Pet Food Deli locations in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Woodbury.

The following three lots of product are being recalled:

    • Woody’s Pet Food Deli Raw Free Range Turkey
      Use by date: 01/10/20
    • Woody’s Pet Food Deli Raw Free Range Turkey
      Use by date: 01/12/20
    • Woody’s Pet Food Deli Raw Free Range Turkey
      Use by date: 01/15/20

No other lots of Woody’s Pet Food Deli products are affected by the recall.

If your pet has consumed the recalled product and has these symptoms, contact your veterinarian.

Salmonella bacteria can survive for weeks in the household environment, which can serve as a continuing source of infection.

Dog Food Recall 2019: Is Your Brand on This List?

We have the best, most complete list of dog food recalls. Fully updated with every dog food recall of 2019.

Date Brand Name Product
1/2/2019 Old Glory Hearty Turkey & Cheese Flavored Dog Food
1/14/2019 A+ Answers Straight Beef Formula for Dogs
1/30/2019 Hare Today Gone Tomorrow Ground Chicken
1/30/2019 Purina Honor Show Chow Showlamb Grower
1/30/2019 Woody's Pet Food Deli Raw Free Range Turkey


Hill's Science Diet Canned Dog Food


Hill's Prescription Diet Canned Dog Food


Darwin's Natural Selections Turkey Recipe w/ Organic Veggies


Darwin's Natural Selections Chicken Recipe w/ Organic Veggies

3/29/2019      Nestle Purina Muse              Natural Chicken 
                      Cat Food                                Recipe In Gravy 
4/8/2019       Thogersen Family Farm       Dog Food 
5/6/2019       Southern States®                 Various Animal Feed

  • Coarse ground rabbit frozen raw pet food
  • Coarse ground mallard duck frozen raw pet food
  • Ground llama frozen raw pet food
  • Ground pork frozen raw pet food

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