Dog Shedding, A Dog Parent’s Nightmare.

Dog Shedding, A Dog Parent’s Nightmare.

Dog Shedding The Why And The Solution!

As a dog groomer in New York City, my client’s number one concern is dog hair. Their dog’s appearance is important but they surely do not want to have dog hair all over their apartments or their clothing. However, their dog shedding is all but normal. Thankfully, hair on the couch, on your bed, and even those great work clothes don’t have to have hair on them any longer. 

Is It Normal For A Dog To Shed A Lot Of Hair?

When a dog sheds he or she goes through a loosening of older or damaged hair. Moreover, you will notice that your canine’s coat becomes thicker in the winter and much lighter in the spring.

Shedding is a normal process in canines. Notably, it can occur more in some dogs versus others based on the breed and diet. Learn more about what a dog needs to eat for optimal health here. However, how do we as groomers and pet parents keep shedding under control?

Why Does My Dog Excessively Shed?

Dog shedding is the removal of dead hair. Seemingly, it happens with the changes of seasons regardless of the breed type. Unfortunately, longer hair dogs require more attention. If shedding is excessive or centralized it can be a sign of a larger health concern. Such conditions are not limited to skin conditions, but something internal.

One must further take into consideration the stress level of the dog. Does the dog suffer from anxiety? You may want to try organic anti-anxiety oils. Thus, anxiety of any type causes hair loss or extreme shedding habits in any dog. 

What Can I Do To Keep Shedding At A Minimum?

Most dogs shed seasonally but you do have those occurrences where your pet may shed all year around and here is what you can do.

  • Take your canine to the groomer to get a deep wash. 
  • As your groomer for a comb out. They will use de-shedding tools that help get deep into the second layer of the coat to loosen and remove dead hair. This tool is an excellent choice when brushing at home. 
  • Deshedding can be done every 2 weeks especially when shedding season begins. This will allow for the groomer to safely remove dead hair without irritating your dog’s skin, removing natural oils, and damaging new hair. If you plan to go this route asking for a de-shedding treatment or using the right shampoo and conditioning is required to avoid drying of your canine’s skin. For quality hair and skin stick to hypoallergenic shampoos or even herbal based cleaners.
  • Brushing your pet daily can also loosen and alleviate excessive shedding. Brushing your dog’s hair not only is great for shedding but promotes healthy lymph system. Furthermore, preventing tangles, promoting circulation, and creates a bonding experience between owner and dog.

Shaving Your Dog vs. Brushing Out

Shaving your dog down does not completely stop shedding from happening but it does make hair less visible. Shedding is seasonal or a health concern so ruling out what is causing excessive shedding especially in between seasons.

After a good de-shedding from your groomer, it is important to maintain brushing in between to keep loose hairs under control. Using tools such as a rake, de-shedder, rubber brush can help loosen up those dead hairs.  

What Can A Canine Parent Promote A Healthy Skin & Coat?

Omega 3’s & 6- Fatty acids promote health and maintain homeostasis in your canine’s body and aids in inflammation in the body. (Coconut oil & Fish oil) Fill out this questionnaire to see which dog food is best for your dog. 

Probiotics– Friendly gut bacteria that helps in boosting the immune system, aid in digestion, and has a plethora of nourishing properties. Probiotic chews are an excellent way to get your dog its necessary gut health up to speed. 

Enzymes: Raw juices or veggies provide detoxifying properties and vitamins to aid in proper elimination and absorption of high-quality nutrients. (Sprouts, grass, dark leafy greens, and herbs.)

Massage- Gently massaging or brushing your dog’s coat promotes circulation, distributes natural oils, and aids in the removal of toxins by stimulating lymph system. (Using essential oils such as Lavender and CBD oil promotes healthy skin and mental health assistance.)


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