Have A Dog Can Get Costly. So How Can You Save Money On Your Dog Expenses?


Saving money on dog expenses is easier than you think.

Here are 5 Easy ways to save money on your dog.

Many of our readers ask how they can save money on pet food? How can they reduce the cost of pet groomers, what’s the cheapest dental care, is insurance worth it. Rightfully so these are very real and valid questions that thousands ask daily. Dog expenses can run high, so we’ve broken down some easy ways dog owners everywhere can save money.


Tired of wasting money on dog expenses? Here is how to save money on your dog.

5 Easy ways to help dog owners save on their dog expenses

It can be exhausting trying to fully understand how much a dog will cost you. If you’re considering to own a dog or whether you’ve been a dog owner for years, these costs can vary drastically. Health is our number one priority for our dogs. Thus, we base our saving tips on never compromising a dog’s nutrition. In the end, it costs more in vet bills anyway.

  1. At Home Grooming
    1. Shampoo, blow-dry, brush, clip nails, and brush teeth right at home. Take time out of your schedule for this gratifying and loving task.
      1. You’ll want to brush your dog daily. Take 2-3 minutes out of your day for this task. We suggest doing it after you walk your dog in the evening. It will help to relax you and set you into a good rhythm to wind down from the day.
      2. When you’re at home grooming you’ll want to have lots of treats. So they listen to you and acclimate to what you’re going to be doing. We use a mix of treats.
      3.  Nail trimming doesn’t have to be done all that often. So get yourself some good quality clippers and schedule it in advance for the year. Once a month take a look but you should be ok with cutting your dog’s nails every other month.
      4. The same goes for trimming your dog’s hair. “Your dog trusts you completely with all the big decisions in its life,” says Dr. Neil Marrinan of Old Lyme Veterinary Hospital in Old Lyme, CT. He means developing a strong foundation of trust before attempting to groom your dog at home. So this might not be a good idea for a brand new puppy. Dr. Marrinan says that “90 percent of the work will be before, and away from, the actual 10 percent of grooming.”  Shampoo your dog at home to save you money on your dog expenses.

        King Klean is an all natural and organic canine de-shedding shampoo. It’s hypo-allergenic and non-toxic, making it great for all dog breeds.

        2. Auto-ship your dog food. Stop wasting time and money with trips to your pet shop. We only recommend grain-free and raw dehydrated dog food. This will help prolong your dog’s life. Decrease vet visits, which by itself will automatically decrease your dog expenses.

        The bonus to this kind of food, Smack, in particular, is that you’ll also spend less money on the breath freshening treats for your dogs, that never seem to work.

        3. Add an extra walk to your daily routine. This is free and will add increased health to your dog’s life. Again this addition to your routine will help you save on your dog’s vet bill.

        4. Order your dog’s medication online. There is a significant saving in your bottom line when purchasing your dog’s medication online. All supplies we recommend too but it’s the medication that is much cheaper than driving to the vet.

        5. DIY dog treats. This is another time adding cost reducing tip. Here are some great easy recipes to work with. This will help you save big on your dog expenses. Furthermore, knowing what is going into your dog helps keep your mind at ease and the vet far away.

        Homemade and healthy dog treats. Yes, you can make your dog feel super special and you feel even better about your dog parenting skills!

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