Here Is How Homemade Dog Food Put Kibble To Shame

Here Is How Homemade Dog Food Put Kibble To Shame

How Can Homemade Dog Food Be Just As Convenient As Kibble?

Dog parents everywhere spend thousands of dollars between vet visits, medical bills, and food.  Seems logical to think that there is a single correlation between all three. What you feed your dog will inevitably determine it’s lifespan, health and overall well being. Almost identical to a human’s correlation. Therefore, if humans are better off making meals at home for health reasons, wouldn’t it be safe to assume the same for our dogs? Homemade dog food is indeed healthier, smarter and more cost-effective in the long run. So why are so many pet parents ignorant to the facts of this matter?

Since so many households feed their pups kibble, the argument almost always comes down to cost and convenience. And the convenience of kibble almost always wins the majority argument. Kibble’s convenient dry and long shelf-life do help dog owners everywhere but at what cost to their dog?

Knowledge Is Power - Homemade Dog Food Is As Convenient As Kibble

What is a raw dog food diet didn’t have to be homemade? Could homemade dog food be made more convenient and more nutritious than kibble? Smack dog food takes out the dangers of a raw dog food diet has through the dehydration process. Such food also provides the convenience of kibble with an excellent shelf life of 24 months.

First of all, the team at Smack takes all factors into consideration. As a result, they provide pet owners with the exact serving size. Along with the right recipe needed for every individual dog’s dietary needs. 

 Pet owners must read the back of labels. Almost all shelf-stable commercial pet foods, a.k.a. kibble, contain processed grains, fillers, processed ‘food-like’ ingredients. All of which are terrible for a dog’s GI and long term health. 

The Best Homemade Dog Food

 At Waggles, we are fully aware that protein-rich foods are the increasingly better option for dogs. We call Smack homemade dog food because that is how it was first created. In the basement of a family in Canada that was passionate about changing the fate of dogs around the globe. Their dog died of cancer before they could do anything to turn the results around. So after their dog’s death, they were determined to create the best dog food on the planet. Smack was made at home with the freshest finest human grade ingredients.  

A raw dehydrated homemade dog food results in more energy and less digestive issues. Consequently, you’ll be picking up less poop! Your dog’s breath will be fresher too. Your pup’s weight will return to normal and its coat will shine like a show dog.

I’m so excited that I can pass along these savings to you! Please let me know what you think when you’ve tried the food!

Update: The folks at Smack dog foods are extending a special offer to our readers. Follow this link to get 20% off and free shipping on your first SMACK delivery!

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