High Quality Sourced Proteins - it's in there!

High Quality Sourced Proteins - it's in there!

Waggles serves only high-quality dog food; always  with pet owners in mind! We select only foods we would serve our pets. Some of our dog food brands are: Smack pet food

A dehydrated dog food, Smack dog food can be served dry or mixed with water to create a softer wet food. Smack has earned a 5-star dog food rating!

Out of over 3,500 Dog brands tested; Smack Pet Food has been awarded a prestigious 5 star rating from DogFoodAdvisor.com

SMACK is made with human-grade meats and organic fruits and vegetables.

Another premium dog food, The Almo Nature Legend line only uses high-quality sourced (HQS) proteins.

HIGH QUALITY SOURCED describes meat or fish  that “originally were fit for human consumption” and that are now used for pet food only.

HQS Almo Nature Features:
• High biological value of protein contents (typical amino acid profile of fish/meat muscle tissue)
• High biological content of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids
• Low and natural fats
• Grain free, Carrageenan free
• Short production process
• Better digestibility
• Thoroughly controlled in the supply chain

High-Quality Dog Food Some of the qualities Waggles looks for in their healthy dog food lineup are: 

Premium proteins
Organic fruits and vegetables
Low filler content
Nutritional balanced
Flavor varieties

We understand that healthy dog foods contain premium ingredients, balanced nutrition, and variety to accommodate different breeds, ages, and  physical conditions.

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