How to Transition Your Cat to a Raw Food Diet

How to Transition Your Cat to a Raw Food Diet

Is your cat suffering from digestion and stomach problems, lack of energy or increased shedding and thin coat? Just like us, our pets’ bodies tell us when they may need to exercise, alter their food intake, or start using different grooming products. This can be an indication that your pet may need to change their diet. Changing the way your pet eats can be tricky though, but by following a few simple transitional steps, getting your cat the right diet for them is easy.


We’ve become accustomed to thinking of our feline companions only as adorable little creatures we care for, but we must remind ourselves that our pets are traditionally predators, and carnivores. Just like their ancestors, our cats require protein and nutrients to grow and stay healthy. A lot of the generic cat food on the shelves is robbed of that natural protein, fiber and minerals by getting cooked at the extreme temperatures when it’s being made. Not to mention the dyes, preservatives and additives that could be potentially harmful to your pet as well.


If you’re considering making the break from dry or canned food to a raw food diet, here are a few simple facts and tips that can help deliver the best results for your cats.

  1. From Dry Food to Wet Food
    1. You have to realize that switching over your pets’ diet takes time and adjusting for both of you. The key is to be patient. Depending on your pet, this change can be fast or slow. Some cats love the change right away!
    2. Hide and seal or get rid of your dry food kibble, your cat may be able to sniff it out and will find it if possible.
    3. If you’re transitioning from dry food, start by moving to wet canned food. Choose a blander flavor so that your pet doesn’t get infatuated with a particular taste. You can either begin by blending it with their dry food, sprinkling dry food on top of wet food, or replacing the dry food altogether.
    4. Give your pet time to become accustomed to the new flavors and consistency.
    5. Bring the wet food out at regular meal times, leave it out for at least 20 or 30 minutes and then take it away if your cat hasn’t approached it.
    6. If your cat chooses not to eat, you can wait until their hungrier and try again.
    7. Especially if you have more than one cat, take notes on their eating habits during this time. This can be of help in identifying the flavors they like and other details.
    8. When your cat has adapted to meal time and eats the canned wet food regularly and with ease for 2 weeks or so, then you can begin transitioning to raw.
  2. From Wet Food to a Raw Diet
    1. Start off by trying out cubed homemade chunks of chicken, turkey, or duck and either serving it by itself to your cat at meal time or blending it with the wet food.
    2. Warm the food on a stove-top, in the oven, or by using warm water, avoid the microwave for it can zap out vital nutrients for your pet. The aroma can also be helpful in enticing your pet to try it out and you want them to become familiar with the smell.
    3. If they aren’t feeling it right away, find more ways to add bits of raw food pieces on top of or into their wet food.
    4. When your pet has become more accustomed to the raw food diet, slowly introduce larger chunks of meat and different varieties of proteins for your pet, keep taking notes so you can discover what they like best.
  3. What We Recommend 
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    2. SMACK pet food helps huge when it comes to transitioning your pet to a raw food diet as well, considering it contains the consistency they're used to but it's blended with better, fresher, and more flavorful ingredients that your cat will drool for. 
    3. The team at Smack takes all factors into consideration. As a result, they provide pet owners with the exact serving size. Along with the right recipe needed for every individual pet’s dietary needs.

Changing your cats’ eating habits can be time consuming but is absolutely worth it. The benefits of raw food compared to generic name brand kibble is unparalleled. With the help of raw food chock full of proteins and natural nutrients, your cat will have a healthier and fuller coat, stronger and cleaner teeth, increased energy, and improvement in their digestion, and bowel movements. This meal plan can also help cats suffering from allergies, or weight problems. The changes you’ll see in your cat by transitioning their diet will amaze both you and your pet.

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