How Your Cat Says "I Love You".

How Your Cat Says "I Love You".

As pet owners, we all wish that our pets could say aloud sometimes that they love us, the way that we get to say it to them 10000x a day. This is especially true for our cats, who are already so mysterious, aloof, and independent a lot of the time. Cat's have their own language too though, we simply have to pay attention. So here are some signs that your cat is trying to express that they love you! 

It's important to know first of all, that each cat brings their own form of love and affection with them. This depends on their background, whether you've raised them since they were a kitten or you rescued them at an older age from a shelter. Your cat is just like you in that they're loaded with experiences and histories too which lead to certain behaviors they possess. Even though cat's don't feel the need to please humans the way dogs do, because of their lack of a pack mentality - they still like to show affection from time to time. 

Reading Your Cat's Signals 

Just like us humans, cat's put out signals and vibes that we can pick up on when they're looking for some physical attention or loving. There are more social breeds of cats than others but for the most part, a cat won't have anything to do with you if they don't like you at least a little. In fact, cat's actively avoid people and things that make them uncomfortable. 

A lot of kittens and some cats do bond quickly with their humans. The majority of cats though like to take their time. They start out slowly, sniffing your fingers and working their way up to rubbing against your ankles. These are signals that they're open to getting to know you, and spend more time around you. 

Again, like with humans trust comes before love.  When your cat rolls over on his or her back displaying the belly (a vulnerable spot) or blinks contentedly at you from across the room, you know that you’ve won that trust. And when he or she starts licking your hand, butting the head against your face or hopping on your lap and purring up a storm, that’s feline love, pure and simple.

Here are a few more of the ways that your cat shows their love: 

  • Lightly touching their forehead to your chin or face 
    • Called 'head bunting', this is a top-level affection move on your cat's part and only shown to their most beloved companions. This often releases fell-good endorphins for both you and your kitty! 
  • Rubbing Their Cheek On You
    • When they love you, they kind of own you and this is how they show that. By rubbing their face against you, it leaves their scent by secreting oils from their facial glands. This is how they claim you and they can do it just about anywhere, from your feet, ankles, and furniture to your face, shoulders, and arms too. 
  • Twitching The Tip Of Their Tail
    • What may appear as a benign flick, or graceful swoosh from side to side, your cats tail is actual a pretty good mood indicator. You'll see your cats tail flair out or poof up when they're frightening or agitated. Their tail is relaxed, and lazily upwards with poignant little flicks when they're showing you love. 
  • Going To Purrr Town 
    • Your cat purring is usually a go-to sign of contentment and comfort. This can also be when they're asserting claim over something or nursing their young as well. But you'll be happy to know that your cat reserves a special, full-bodied rumble as a smile directed to you. It's their way of saying "I love you". 
  • Holding Eye Contact or Sharing A Soft Blink
    • You'll probably begin to realize that your cat doesn't look just anybody in the eye but only people they're familiar with and trust. This bond is only accentuated more when they slowly blink at you, it's almost like a kissing wink.
  • Kneading Their Paws On You 
    • Experts say that this action beckons your adult cat back to a safe, welcoming memory when she was nuzzling her mother for milk as a newborn kitten. She is being affectionate and a bit nostalgic. This can be a very bonding moment for you and your cat as well. 
  • Sitting On Or Beside You
    • Cats require warmth and comfort for their nap spots, but they'll pass up a comfy cat bed or pillow to sit on or around if they love you, and you should fee honored. Your cat has likely thought out their snoozing options and is conveying that they prefer being with you rather than being by themselves. 

  • Licking Your Hair or Ear Lobes
    • It may seem a little odd but it's a big one, as far as cat's giving affection go. Essentially this means your cat has deemed you as a big, respectable other cat. Only special “cats” are deemed worthy of these special grooming sessions. In a multicat household, mutual grooming is a sign of trust and friendship. Pay attention to which cats, if any, in your home team up for mutual grooming. You may be the only one meriting such a gift!
  • Bringing You Weird Gifts
    • We must never forget that our precious furbabies are still 100% carnivore, and domestication hasn't entirely eroded their inner hunters. After a successful hunt, they might deposit a dead mouse, lizzard, or squirrel in a place they'll know you will visit. Gross? Totally, but your cat is sharing their prey prize with you, a true sign of trusted friendship.


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