Is 'Premium' Dog Food Worth It?

Is 'Premium' Dog Food Worth It?

Keep your pup happy and healthy with our premium dog food! Voted Pet Food of the Year, our all-natural and delicious dog foods are packed with only the highest quality of ingredients and chock-full of the vitamins and minerals your pooch needs to thrive.

Whether your dog prefers wet or dry food, we have a flavorful option that they'll love, with lip-smacking choices like Chicken Drumstick, Tuna Filet, or Rockin' Rockfish that will have him come running at meal times. With Waggles, giving your pup the human grade, 100% non-GMO, grain-free, gluten-free and delicious premium dog food he deserves has never been easier!

You know your pet better than anyone, so you know they deserve a superior, top of the line food. Premium dog food serves you and your pet in more ways than one.

Have you ever checked the ingredients list on your pup’s food? If you’re like most proud dog parents, the words “natural,” “premium,” or “healthy” were reassurance enough. But that assurance would be poorly placed. Some of the mysterious ingredients in mainstream dog food isn’t healthy at all. And some would argue it shouldn’t be considered food at all.

A review of the 40+ ingredients in a market-leading brand found unhealthy grains, cheap soy, and even synthetic materials. Earlier this year, a line of pet food was recalled for containing a drug used for euthanasia. Yikes! There must be a better way to feed our furry friends with confidence.

Our premium dog food line called Smack is changing the industry with its award-winning recipe for raw dehydrated dog food matched with an innovative delivery system. Smack sells its products directly to customers, cutting out layers of middlemen, distribution channels, and corresponding markups.

Most importantly, Smack is crafted by hand in Canada using nothing but the highest quality, tastiest ingredients. The recipe even earned Dog Food Advisor’s highest honor, a five-star “enthusiastic” recommendation. Your pets deserve not only the top of the line dog food but the premier service and delivery that comes with it!

Of course, pet owners everywhere are asking themselves, well is it really worth it? Is ‘Premium’ just a term to disguise regular product with an expensive price? The real premium brands stand out by supplying genuine and clear ingredient lists and content percentages. For example, SMACK provides all this information in addition to feeding tips, calculated calorie content, and a volume chart for daily feeding of your pet.

Truly premium brands also make it easy for consumers to discover the process they use to make their pet food, as well as where and how they source their ingredients. SMACK products describe that their vegetables and proteins, such as chicken are raised without any antibiotics, hormones or drugs and where they’re source from. The ingredients alone are a reason premium dog food stand apart from generic name brands, but they also boast numerous health benefits for your pet. Natural, premium dog food ensures an overall happier, active and healthier pet.

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