Kibble, Predisposing Your Dog to Cancer??? Learn About the Dangers of Kibble & What Your Dog Needs in Order to Be Healthy?

Kibble, Predisposing Your Dog to Cancer??? Learn About the Dangers of Kibble & What Your Dog Needs in Order to Be Healthy?

Over the past 100 years, food production has tremendously changed, equally with human and pet foods. Rather than an increase in local farms and ancestral food chains, we now have mass production and genetically modified organisms also known as GMO-food. Mass food production is low quality, overcooked and processed.


When one thinks of the word ‘Kibble,’ we might think it is an actual dog food company. However, Kibble is a word used to describe FEED grade ingredients that come in dry form. Many dog food brands sell over-cooked dog food, thus making it “kibble”, lacking essential nutritional value.


Here is what you need to learn about Kibble, and what your dog needs in order to be healthy:

What Is The Natural Food Selection For A Dog?


The single most important aspect of choosing the right dog food for your pet is choosing the food they are designed to eat. Historically, the canine and feline diet did not consist of cooked foods like they do today; in fact, they used to thrive off of live prey. Within the last 80 years, dogs and cats have been introduced to the cooked and processed forms of food (thanks to humans that is). Dogs are carnivores. Generically speaking, their teeth and digestive system strongly support this truth. Even their digestive tract and small cecum is an indicator that they need to consume high amounts of protein in a short amount of time in order for their bodies to absorb nutrients.


What Dogs Are Not Designed to Eat


Now that you have read what your dog is naturally to eat, it’s easy to say they most definitely aren’t designed to eat dry kibble. About 90% of dog owners are feeding their companions a kibble diet, which consists of 60% carbohydrates! In simple terms, you are feeding your dog low-quality protein when they require high amounts of protein. In fact, most commercial kibble is mainly plant-based rather than protein based. It is not healthy for our pets to be eating this kind of diet all day every day and to become satisfied nutritionally as well as physically. You might be thinking, “pets have survived just fine on kibble diets for the past 80 years so what’s wrong with it?” Yes, they may be tolerating it, however, are your pets thriving off of it?

Just because your dog hasn’t been diagnosed with something yes, chronic degenerative diseases, kidney and liver disease have become rampant in pet populations over recent decades. In fact, it’s not an epidemic. Cancer rates continue to rise. And overcooked kibble is at the front and center of this slaughter.


So, Why Not Kibble?


The easiest way to describe kibble is a “lifeless” food. Studies conducted by Dr. Kollath have shown that young animals fed overly cooked and processed food initially appear to be healthy. However, once these same dogs reached full maturity they begin to age rapidly and develop diseases and other life-threatening degenerative symptoms.


The answer is clear; kibble is more than just an unhealthy choice, it is dangerous. In addition to its substandard ingredients that lack all nutritional content, there are also toxins, fillers and other forms of processed and poisonous chemicals. All of which are found in the majority of commercial kibble.


Pet owners want to begin to look into a raw diet for dogs. Such as dehydrated dog food and primal raw dog foods. Even homemade dog treats are highly recommended and could even save you money in the long run! Here is a link to some of our favorite homemade recipes, “Healthy Homemade Dog Treats”


There are only a few suitable dog food brands that cover the gamete and safety measures required for your dog to eat a highly nutritious, dog sensitive raw diet. Smack is the leading dog food in Canada and is now in the USA. You can choose from three flavors and even choose the flavor most important to your dog’s health needs.


Below you’ll find the three recipes and their subsequent ingredients and benefits. Now you can make the right choice without any guesswork or unknown variables in your dog’s food. You want to know what’s in your food so why is your dog’s any different? If you have any questions at all please email us directly at

Smack raw dog food diet with real wild Salmon


Smack dog food


Acceptable food for a dog

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