Labradors, America’s Great Love For This Beautiful Breed

Labradors, America’s Great Love For This Beautiful Breed


The Labrador, also known as a Lab is America’s most popular and well-known dog breed.  The Labrador dog breed has topped the chart for well over 25 years now, and by the look of things, will keep that title for the foreseeable future. Look at them…They are beautiful!



Some things come and go, fads, trends, music fades, but one thing that has remained fairly consistent is American’s love for the Labrador. It’s not hard to see why. For many, the dog embodies all the ideal qualities of a perfect dog. Labradors are extremely friendly, playful, intelligent, loyal, and they have a stable temperament. This special dog breed is full of energy. They need special food to help keep their energy and weight just right. 

Surprisingly, this American favorite household pet isn’t originally from here. It came from Newfoundland, Canada. Labrador’s weren’t always called Labs. they were formerly known as the St. John Water Dog named after the St. John Waterway. During those times, the St. John Water Dog assists fishermen with their nets and catches. They were excellent swimmers and can endure cold temperatures in the water. Later these water dogs were crossed with sporting dogs to produce the Labrador.


What is it that makes Labradors so unique?

Labradors have several endearing characteristics that help people fall in love even faster. The following breed traits make them suitable for a variety of roles.

For instance, they are cheerful, good-natured, and friendly with a steady temperament which makes for an exceptional family dog. The fact, that they are also, full of energy means you and even the kids have a willing companion that’s ready to play all day. Having a great loyal swimming dog helps when little children are around open water. 

If you’re planning on adopting a puppy lab, you’d have to take extra care since they are incredibly bouncy. However, watch out since they are mouthy – that is has a strong urge to pick up and carry something – to keep them from picking up harmful objects. Consider getting a water hose close by as well, because they love to roll and rump in the dirt.  

The Labrador breed is an intelligent one. These furry friends are extremely intelligent and teachable and have somehow worked their way into several vital roles. Roles such as guide dogs for the early and in homes for people with disabilities. They are assistance dogs, narcotics dogs for sniffing out illegal drugs and working with security departments as bomb-sniffing dogs. of course, they still play their traditional role in the field as retrievers.


Wisconsin National Guard Sgt. Mindy Brunswick greets Falcon after an event Tuesday, April 1, 2014 at the Wisconsin National Guard Joint Force Headquarters in Madison, Wis. The dog’s appearance was part of an event recognizing Sexual Assault Awareness Month at the Department of Military Affairs. is a service dog as opposed to a therapy dog. Rather than providing long-term therapeutic interaction, Falcon’s purpose is to assist with education and outreach to those recovering from PTSD and sexual assault. Mark Hoffman/MHOFFMAN@JOURNALSENTINEL.COM


The Labrador is supremely agile and athletic. They have a sturdy well-formed build, uniformly spread weight, and well-muscled body and a thick otter tail.  This stunning breed is versatile. Labradors are featured in agility competitions such as in hunting, obedience, and sprints – now talk of a sprint;  they are able to hit a 100 mile in just a few seconds!


Finally, If you’re wondering how difficult it might be taking care of the Labrador – well, we have got good news for you – they are pretty easy to care for. Apart from the regular bathing, you may have to consider purchasing an excellent de-shedding shampoo and tool to cut the number of hair drops.

The Labrador is a favorite breed among the American pet owners and around the world too. This, as we’ve seen, is a result of Labradors’ excellent nature, cheerfulness, intelligence and plethora of other characteristics.

I would love to see photos, videos and hear stories about  your beautiful lab pup. Send them to

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