My 3 Favorite Dog Treats To Give Our Dogs

My 3 Favorite Dog Treats To Give Our Dogs

You all know already how serious I am about our dog’s treats. Especially our team here at Waggles. We don’t take lightly our dog’s health and nutrition. Considering we give our dogs treats every single day…I mean, you know how well behaved our dogs are. ; )

I swear giving our dogs treats is more for us then it is for them…right!? Who can raise their hand to this one!


So today I want to highlight my 3 favorite dog treats to buy my sweet girls.  Healthy dog treats are what we are here to talk about today.

Read more about the back label ingredients in your dog’s food and treats here.

Here is our list of top dog treats that will make your pup zoomie all over the house!


When our furry companions deserve a treat we don’t just want to give them something that tastes delicious (or so we assume that it does) we want something equally beneficial to their health. They deserve something wholesome and tasty. As well as something that makes them feel extra special.

Our Top 3 Healthy Dog Treats

  • Newts Chews Natural Dog Treat Pouch – Lamb Puffs – Without hormones and antibioticsNew Zealand livestock and high agricultural standards create this tasty treat.
    • Lamb Puffs are a perfect bite-sized treat that’s great for training or just as a healthy snack.Made in New ZealandNo Hormones

      No Antibiotics

      No Artificial Flavors

      No Artificial Colors

      No Added Sugars

      No Artificial Preservatives

      Pasture Raised

      Highly Palatable

  • Bully Sticks – The Curly Kind. A 4 pack will last your dog an entire month.
    • These puzzle-like pieces of bull’s pizzle is the perfect (say that 4 times fast). It’s a healthy, protein-packed treat. It keeps our dogs busy, healthy and teeth cleaned. Read more here to learn more about Bully Sticks.

  • Newts Chews wins another spot on our list. – SHEEP EARS – No hormones and antibiotics. These treats are dried to perfection with no odor or mess. Not only are they incredibly healthy for our dogs, they really leave no mess. And who can argue with that!

We love and appreciate homemade dog treats. You can see some of the recipes we make here. However, when we don’t have time we always turn to these alternatives. We hope you can rest assured knowing how wholesome these ingredients are for your pup. Thank you for your time and reading our top choices on dog treats.

Here is a full list of the treats we would recommend.


We can’t wait to hear from you about these dog treats!


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