Our Dogs Deserve Better Than Kibble… Here’s Why

Our Dogs Deserve Better Than Kibble… Here’s Why

Our dogs deserve better than kibble, a.k.a. ‘Feed’ FDA

Our Dogs Deserve Better Than Kibble… Here’s Why

Frightening News

They would spend the next several months and thousands of dollars between vet visits and food changes.  The veterinarian gave them frightening theories and shared all the serious and costly tests that would need to get done. Yet, all they were feeding their dogs was Kibble. Feeding dogs kibble, was this the key factor to why their dogs were so sick?

Julie, had no idea what she was doing when she took her first dog home, Jucy.  She intended to take good care of her. Her husband had over 14 dogs growing up. Thusly, Julie felt that her new Jucy would be in good hands. Considering her husband fed his dogs kibble daily, they began to feed Jucy (and later, their second dog, Hugo) the same food. However, they both quickly noticed that something wasn’t right. Hugo was gassy (even for a Frenchie), and Jucy vomited all too often.

I sat down with one of our readers after she wrote in with her story. Feeding her dogs kibble and what it was doing to her fur-babies, led us to follow up. I am so glad to present her story. Please share and tell me your thoughts. 

Knowledge Is Power

Julie shared that her relief came when she was given “great” advice by her a neighbor and fellow dog parent. She also happens to be the co-founder of Smack dog food. She and her team partnered with canine nutritionists to develop human-grade dog food. Gabby told Julie, “you’d be surprised to learn how big of a difference our dog’s food can have in their lives.” Feeding dogs kibble was the only similarity between her two dogs.

Julie and her husband decided to give Smack a try. In a few minutes, they were signed up. Individual dog profiles were created and Smack was on its way to their home. The team at Smack took all factors into consideration. They provided Julie with the right caloric intake and nutrient balance for each dog. After a few weeks of feeding Smack raw dehydrated dog food, Jucy and Hugo were different yet again. This time the difference was positive. Both Julie and her husband attribute it to the high-quality raw ingredients that are found in Smack. She, says, “you can’t always trust what’s on the label of your dog food. Almost all shelf-stable commercial pet foods contain processed grains, but they’re terrible for a dog’s GI. As our babies were experiencing.”

You guys know that I’m fully aware that protein-rich foods are the increasingly better option for our dogs. It results in more energy and less digestive issues. It’s how dogs are created to eat. Feeding dogs kibble or what the industry classifies it, “feed,” doesn’t ensure the safety standards “human-grade” food promises. Like humans, dogs feel the difference when they eat fresh meals full of real ingredients. However, it’s so difficult to meet our dog’s nutritional requirements for essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids with kibble. Today’s approved and grossly underestimated nutritional values create confusion and lies. Thankfully, there are companies like Smack that aren’t looking to cut costs by cutting out all the nutritional requirements our dogs need. The FDA may approve it but it is not ethical or valuable to our dog’s health.

Julie says the dogs enjoy meal time more since transitioning to Smack. The benefits are health-related too, and seemingly endless. No more vomiting for Jucy. Gas and bad breath are gone for Hugo. Hugo even trimmed down from when they first adopted him at the shelter. Feeding dogs kibble was no longer an option.

An all natural unprocessed diet can help prevent and treat diseases. Furthermore, it helps manage and maintain a dog’s weight. A raw diet such as Smack dehydrated food improves a dog’s GI tract. When adding the proper ingredients into our dog’s system, they are able to digest food easier. An antioxidant-rich diet makes our pups smarter, while filler-free ingredients full of healthy fats can help improve a dog’s skin and coat. All of these benefits increase our dog’s lifespan! Now that’s a win! 

The Proof Is In The Poo…

Julie’s husband needed real proof that Smack was working. He received it when he, as the designated family dog walker, realized that their dogs’ stole didn’t smell any longer. It was also solid and much smaller.

After feeding their dogs Smack for over six months, Jucy and Hugo are noticeably healthier, with shinier coats, less digestive issues, and more energy. Julie reports that they are a happier family as a result. Her husband won’t feed kibble anymore and even told his parents to start feeding Smack to their two dogs.

The days of feeding dogs kibble are over.


Update: The folks at Smack dog foods are extending a special offer to our readers. Follow this link to get 50% off your first SMACK delivery!


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