Socializing Your Dogs: Learn The Queues They Give To Communicate Their Feelings.

Socializing Your Dogs: Learn The Queues They Give To Communicate Their Feelings.

Socializing Dogs

When I first got Cookie, I thought she would just love socializing with other dogs. However, her quick snaps and aggression showed me just how much socializing she like. Maybe I was the one who likes to show her off, but I guess she’s more of an introvert.

Dogs greet, play, and even disagree in ways foreign to us humans. We must learn to understand how dogs communicate. It is our responsibility to ensure they have proper interactions, especially when saying ‘hello’

Not all dogs want to socialize.

The Butt Sniff

Humans shake hands, hug, and even kiss on the cheek. However, dogs, they greet with the often humored, butt sniff. This is their ‘hello’. This sort of ‘blunt’ acknowledgment may lead us to think that dogs do not have boundaries. On the contrary, if we look close enough dogs let us know when another canine has crossed the line of ‘appropriate’ “hellos” 

Behaviors that communicate to us that your dog is saying, “Welcome.”

  1. Walking forward with indirect eye contact
  2.  A slow wagging tail or circular motion
  3. Play bow with bark

Playtime bow signals a dog's readiness to socialize


When your dog socializes positively, be sure to give them treats after. We suggest keeping dog treats with you as a form of disciplinary tools. Such tools help to reward your dog during positive interactions.


Behavior that communicates to humans for “Keep clear.”

  1. Growling
  2. Turning away, walking away
  3. Ears flat back with eye and head turned away
  4. Tail tucked
  5. Biting
  6. Hackles (Hair in the back of neck) standing up


Dog heckles signals a dog is not ready and willing to socialize

How can I teach my dog to give a proper hello?

Socializing dogs requires that we are calm and confident when walking up to another person and pet. This shows your dog that having another dog in their environment is okay. 

Before taking your dog out for a walk we recommend not waiting till after the walk to give ‘good boy’ treats. Giving your dog a treat such as King Kalm Crunch. With organic ingredients, formulated by our Licensed Holistic Physician and Nutritionist you can be sure that you’re setting your dog up for successful socializing.

It is always best to introduce dogs outside of each other’s standard space. Separating dogs between gates can also help control any situation.

Praising and rewarding your pet when they sit or calm down before walking up to a four-legged counterpart is always a plus. Working with healthy dog treats will be best. Dog treats with wholesome ingredients that won’t interfere with a dog’s chemical make up are recommended. 

If you have any tips please let me know I’d love to learn more and share it with our community. Email me directly,

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