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How To Identify The Highest Quality Food For Your Dog

How To Identify The Highest Quality Food For Your Dog 0

Looking for a dog food that's packed with nutrition and bursting with flavor? With 5-Star Smack Dog Food, you've found it! Available as both canned wet food and dehydrated raw chunks, this superior dog food is free from gluten, grain, hormones, and antibiotics. Smack Pet Food offers protein options like tuna, chicken, and salmon, your pup will be smacking his lips and begging for more at every meal. Each bag or can is chock-full of low-calorie and high-energy fuel that's perfect for dogs of every activity level. You can trust 5-Star Smack Dog Food to be the optimally nutritious and flavorful choice your pup craves!

Smack Dog Food has come up with the ultimate solutions. Both a raw dog food diet that has the convenience of kibble and a canned wet food diet. It also happens to be grain free dog food, that can even serve as treats for our furry friends. The nutritional value of such food is tremendous. Simply take a look at some of their ingredients. It is no wonder that the Dog Food Advisor rated it the ONLY and best raw dog food diet on the market. 


(How can you tell that this is the best possible choice for your pet? Here are some tips to identify the important distinctions that set this food apart.

  • You must rely on your pet food to always be GMO free, meaning there are no growth hormones or modified ingredients that could lead to digestion problems in your pet.
  • You should also always watch out for Gluten, Grain, and Antibiotic Free Food. By avoiding these you can almost guarantee a happy and healthy pet, inside and out!

 Other simple ways to identify the finest possible food for your dog is to see the specific ingredients included within it. If it includes a colorful menu of organic and all-natural strawberries, cranberries, blackberries like our 5-Star Smack Dog Food, you’re getting closer to seeing clearly how important the elements of your pet’s food are. If you see synthetic supplements listed, or long-named unidentifiable products then you know it’s something you and your pet won’t like.

A final factor to consider when checking to ensure that the brand your choosing is right for your pet is the amount of protein, fat, and water or moisture percentages of each bag. You can find this located on the ingredients list. Moisture is especially important to note since fresh meat is very high in moisture and protein with less fat while lower quality, older meats are low in moisture. It can be overwhelming at times to mill through the hundreds of dog food brands all proclaiming natural or organic ingredients. Knowing a few additional measures can help you set the healthiest choice and best possible option apart from its contenders. 

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Are Our Dogs Carnivores Or Are They Omnivores? That Is The Question!

Are Our Dogs Carnivores Or Are They Omnivores? That Is The Question! 0

Are Dogs Carnivores — or Omnivores?

A long-standing debate on the topic of dogs being carnivores — or omnivores rages on today with more fervency than ever before. Our dog's health and nutrition intake are at the center of all critical debate across the entire pet industry. Understanding, the answer to the question of whether or not our dogs eat meat only or can eat just about anything is of the utmost relevance.
Thankfully, historical data points to the one simple truth that dictates the relevance and imperative knowledge that comes with this answer. When it comes to choosing dog food, we must know the answer to this question. It is literally a matter of life or death for our dogs. Therefore, are dogs carnivores or are they omnivores?

All scientific evidence clearly points to the fact that…

Dogs Have a Natural
and Undeniable Carnivorous Bias

Our dogs are wild dogs. Our sweet cuddly pups are direct descendants of the timber wolf of 15,000 years ago1. Wolves only feed on flesh. Therefore, by genetic pedigree, our dogs too maintain the noticeable and distinguishing traits of carnivorous. All dogs have well defined front canine teeth, their digestive systems and their behaviors all confirm this historical fact.

Now, it's not to say that our pups do not have omnivorous abilities. In fact, such 'abilities' have grown over the years. Almost exclusively with the influx of kibble into our dog's diet. 

After all, modern genetic research has proven that there are ten canine genes playing key roles in starch digestion and fat metabolism.2

Nevertheless, a dog still shows unmistakable evidence that its body is optimized for eating meat.

Dogs vs. Cows = Chop vs. Grind

Cows are our typical herbivore - they chew their crud. Chewing from side-to-side with flat back teeth for smoother grinding. Grinding is what's needed for grains and other herb life to filter into smaller, finner, more digestible pieces. 

For instance, humans are omnivores, we can easily chew (carnivore) or grind (omnivores) meats, vegetables and well, just about anything else we want to consume. On the other hand, if you examine your dog's mouth you will not find flat teeth, most common in herbivores. They have ancestral wolf or carnivore teeth, all narrow and pointy. 

Dogs do not, in fact, they cannot chew from. 

No Salivary Amylase

Amylase is a specialized enzyme produced within most herbivores and omnivores' saliva. Amylase is the enzyme that helps starchy carbohydrates break down into simple sugars — before they enter the stomach. Carnivores lack this particular and necessary enzyme for proper digestion of grains and specific fruits and vegetables in their saliva.3


A Carnevors Anatomy

Dog's, well, carnivores in general have much larger stomach sacks then herbivores or omnivores do. Another insightful and impressive factor of carnivores and our dog's digestion track is that they exhibit a higher concentration of stomach acid. A higher level of stomach acid ensures that our dogs and other carnivores can quickly and easily digest proteins at a rapid pace. 

Many dog owners debate on the issue of disease-causing bacteria often found in raw meats. Such bacteria may even kill humans but due to the significantly higher levels of stomach acid dogs do not have this issue. The strong acid produced in a dog or carnivores stomach completely kills any such bacteria generated in decaying meat. 

The Evolution Of A Dog's Digestive Track

Yet in spite of this natural carnivorous design, dogs capacity to survive even with the human intercession of 'choice' foods, we see that dogs are capable of thriving on a plethora of food options. 

Today, the dog food marketplace has almost made a mockery of our dog's ancestral needs.

How do dog parents know what to feed their dog's anymore? 

The Truth Is

Knowledge is power. Fully understanding that our dogs are in fact carnivores by design we must make the most educated decisions for our dogs. We recognize that feeding our dog's the right way is the best way.

We one hundred percent back giving preference to a more meat-rich, protein-dense product. That's because...

Whether you believe they’re carnivores or omnivores, dog’s possess an undeniable carnivorous bias

Meat-based dog foods are closer to a dog’s natural ancestral diet. Foods such as Smack raw dehydrated dog food, or treats such as bully sticks rather than whole wheat biscuits. It's simple choices we can make that will help determine the outcome of our dog's lifespan and quality of life. 


  1. Lindblad-Toh K, Wade CM, Mikkelsen TS, et al, “Genome sequence, comparative analysis and haplotype structure of the domestic dog”, December 2005, Nature 438 (7069): 803–19 
  2. Axelsson E. et al, The genomic signature of dog domestication reveals adaptation to a starch-rich diet, Nature, 2013 Jan 23, doi: 10.1038/nature11837, Science for Life Laboratory, Department of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology, Uppsala University, 75237 Uppsala, Sweden 
  3. Animal Health Diagnostic Center, Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine 
  4. 11/17/2014 Removed: “So, without salivary amylase, a dog’s carbohydrate digestion can be decidedly more difficult.” 
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Did You Know That Your Pup Can Eat These Fruits And Veggies For A Better Natural Dog Food Diet? 0

Natural Product Specialist, Carissa Medina, Writes About The Importance of Natural Dog Food. How Adding Veggies And Fruits Help Our Canines. Seems like many pet parents do not know what foods are right for their dog. Dogs love natural dog food. So I spoke with a trusted natural dog food product specialist Carissa Medina. Carissa became a specialist during her 10-year career as a mobile dog groomer. Once she began to use natural products such as shampoo, calming oils, organic dog treats, and even raw dehydrated dog food, she saw a swift change in her canine clients.     While they are carnivores introducing vegetables and fruits is very beneficial to their health. Consequently, our world is filled with pollutants, carcinogens and many toxins. As a result, it is more important than ever to feed our dogs a natural dog food diet. Most of all, one that includes fruits and vegetables. Additionally antioxidants and immunity boosting, holistic foods are essential to your dog’s overall health. So how do we know what kinds of fruits and veggies are right for dogs? What is it that your dog needs that can’t come from just protein? Our dog’s biological makeup is designed to […]
The 6 Reasons I Made The Switch To A Raw Dog Food Diet For My Doggie

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The Raw Dog Food Diet That’s Change My Dog’s Life & Thousands of Other Doggies!  Knowledge is power and that power lies in our hands, literally. Thankfully that knowledge has led to us understanding the immense importance of health and the role food plays in the health of our dogs. There is no denying that a raw dog food diet is essential to our dog’s lifespan and over health. Our dogs were designed to eat a raw diet so why wouldn’t we keep to natures way? Profits and greed have led the way for most of the dog food industry. Fortunately, with advancements in technologies, raw dog food now has the convenience of kibble! Thankfully dog owners such as Michael from Smack dog food could no longer sit on the sidelines while dogs died left and right from Cancers and unthinkable diseases. Such diseases that never plagued dogs prior to the existence of toxic kibble.  The advancement in technology that allows Smack to turn raw dog food into a convenient dehydrated form has been game-changing. Pet owners everywhere purchased kibble because it was easy to store, had a long shelf life and was cheap. Well, cheap until the vet bill came. Now […]