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How To Identify The Highest Quality Food For Your Dog

How To Identify The Highest Quality Food For Your Dog 0

Looking for a dog food that's packed with nutrition and bursting with flavor? With 5-Star Smack Dog Food, you've found it! Available as both canned wet food and dehydrated raw chunks, this superior dog food is free from gluten, grain, hormones, and antibiotics. Smack Pet Food offers protein options like tuna, chicken, and salmon, your pup will be smacking his lips and begging for more at every meal. Each bag or can is chock-full of low-calorie and high-energy fuel that's perfect for dogs of every activity level. You can trust 5-Star Smack Dog Food to be the optimally nutritious and flavorful choice your pup craves!

Smack Dog Food has come up with the ultimate solutions. Both a raw dog food diet that has the convenience of kibble and a canned wet food diet. It also happens to be grain free dog food, that can even serve as treats for our furry friends. The nutritional value of such food is tremendous. Simply take a look at some of their ingredients. It is no wonder that the Dog Food Advisor rated it the ONLY and best raw dog food diet on the market. 


(How can you tell that this is the best possible choice for your pet? Here are some tips to identify the important distinctions that set this food apart.

  • You must rely on your pet food to always be GMO free, meaning there are no growth hormones or modified ingredients that could lead to digestion problems in your pet.
  • You should also always watch out for Gluten, Grain, and Antibiotic Free Food. By avoiding these you can almost guarantee a happy and healthy pet, inside and out!

 Other simple ways to identify the finest possible food for your dog is to see the specific ingredients included within it. If it includes a colorful menu of organic and all-natural strawberries, cranberries, blackberries like our 5-Star Smack Dog Food, you’re getting closer to seeing clearly how important the elements of your pet’s food are. If you see synthetic supplements listed, or long-named unidentifiable products then you know it’s something you and your pet won’t like.

A final factor to consider when checking to ensure that the brand your choosing is right for your pet is the amount of protein, fat, and water or moisture percentages of each bag. You can find this located on the ingredients list. Moisture is especially important to note since fresh meat is very high in moisture and protein with less fat while lower quality, older meats are low in moisture. It can be overwhelming at times to mill through the hundreds of dog food brands all proclaiming natural or organic ingredients. Knowing a few additional measures can help you set the healthiest choice and best possible option apart from its contenders. 

Big Dog Food Brands Have Met Their Match

Big Dog Food Brands Have Met Their Match 0

How Has One Company Changed The Dog Food Industry Game? Have you ever checked the ingredients list on your pup’s food? If you’re like most proud dog parents, the words “natural,” “premium,” or “healthy” were reassurance enough. But that assurance would be poorly placed. Some of the mysterious ingredients in mainstream dog food isn’t healthy at all. And some would argue it shouldn’t be considered food at all. A review of the 40+ ingredients in a market-leading brand found unhealthy grains, cheap soy, and even synthetic materials. Earlier this year, a line of pet food was recalled for containing a drug used for euthanasia. Yikes! There must be a better way to feed our furry friends with confidence. Convenient Dog Food Has Finally Arrived We are living in the age of convenience. Meal boxes equip busy working pros with fresh, healthy, and creative meals, and same-day shipping puts toilet paper on our doorstep with a single tap. But man’s best friend has been all but ignored. Feeding him still requires lugging fifty pounds of bulk into a cart and up our apartment steps. Until now. A new premium dog food line called Smack is changing the industry with its award-winning […]