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Raw Dehydrated Dog Food, Explained.

Raw Dehydrated Dog Food, Explained. 0

If you’re like me, you’re already feeding your dog the raw dehydrated dog food that adds years to your dog’s life. Or if you’re reading this article…well, you’ve either… A. Heard about it and now need to know more or B. You are sick of your dog’s suffering from allergies, bad breath, overweight, joint pain and or cancer and are willing to do whatever it takes including educating yourself about your dog’s diet. So this article is definitely for you. I wanted to get to the nitty-gritty behind this awesome and trending news of the raw dehydrated dog food movement. Currently, this movement fosters all the rage and buzz in pet food industry. Many of my readers have been enthusiastically embracing this way of life for their pets. The results have led our curious readers to want to know more about the science behind raw dehydrated dog food.       Our pets require a lot of real, nutrient-rich raw foods. Foods that are often difficult to work with, especially when we consider our busy schedules. For instance, bone in raw chicken. It’s not an ingredient that we would want to cut and leave out for our dog to consume. We now know that […]
Best Dog Food: How to Choose What Ultimate Nutrition For Your Dog

Best Dog Food: How to Choose What Ultimate Nutrition For Your Dog 0

According to our recent reader poll, one of the main concerns pet owners have is which food they should be feeding their dogs. With so many brands on the market, it can be an overwhelming task to determine which one is healthiest and most beneficial. While almost all dog food manufacturers claim to be the “best” it doesn’t mean they are the healthiest. We want to give our dogs the healthiest food that provides the ultimate nourishment for a healthy heart, bone growth, and a long life. In today’s dog food market there are too many brands that use fillers (rather than raw meat) and genetically modified organisms aka GMO corn in their food causing severe harm to dogs. Here at Waggles, we concern ourselves with such matters and it bonds all of our reads and customers together. We all want to find a dog food that will provide a healthy life for his or her pet. And it’s not just here at Waggles right? We believe that all dog owners assume the responsibility to finding the ultimate dog nutrition. What does dog nutrition actually mean? It means the dog food needs to contain wholesome ingredients with nutritious benefits; particular […]
Kibble, Predisposing Your Dog to Cancer??? Learn About the Dangers of Kibble & What Your Dog Needs in Order to Be Healthy?

Kibble, Predisposing Your Dog to Cancer??? Learn About the Dangers of Kibble & What Your Dog Needs in Order to Be Healthy? 0

Over the past 100 years, food production has tremendously changed, equally with human and pet foods. Rather than an increase in local farms and ancestral food chains, we now have mass production and genetically modified organisms also known as GMO-food. Mass food production is low quality, overcooked and processed.   When one thinks of the word ‘Kibble,’ we might think it is an actual dog food company. However, Kibble is a word used to describe FEED grade ingredients that come in dry form. Many dog food brands sell over-cooked dog food, thus making it “kibble”, lacking essential nutritional value.   Here is what you need to learn about Kibble, and what your dog needs in order to be healthy: What Is The Natural Food Selection For A Dog?   The single most important aspect of choosing the right dog food for your pet is choosing the food they are designed to eat. Historically, the canine and feline diet did not consist of cooked foods like they do today; in fact, they used to thrive off of live prey. Within the last 80 years, dogs and cats have been introduced to the cooked and processed forms of food (thanks to humans […]