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Dog Shedding, A Dog Parent’s Nightmare.

Dog Shedding, A Dog Parent’s Nightmare. 0

Dog Shedding The Why And The Solution! As a dog groomer in New York City, my client’s number one concern is dog hair. Their dog’s appearance is important but they surely do not want to have dog hair all over their apartments or their clothing. However, their dog shedding is all but normal. Thankfully, hair on the couch, on your bed, and even those great work clothes don’t have to have hair on them any longer.  Is It Normal For A Dog To Shed A Lot Of Hair? When a dog sheds he or she goes through a loosening of older or damaged hair. Moreover, you will notice that your canine’s coat becomes thicker in the winter and much lighter in the spring. Shedding is a normal process in canines. Notably, it can occur more in some dogs versus others based on the breed and diet. Learn more about what a dog needs to eat for optimal health here. However, how do we as groomers and pet parents keep shedding under control? Why Does My Dog Excessively Shed? Dog shedding is the removal of dead hair. Seemingly, it happens with the changes of seasons regardless of the breed type. Unfortunately, […]
“The Best Dog Food” Almost Killed A Dog. Here Is What One Family Did To Save Their Dog’s Life.

“The Best Dog Food” Almost Killed A Dog. Here Is What One Family Did To Save Their Dog’s Life. 0

How does one of “the best dog food brands” almost killed a dog? I sat down with a Waggles.com customer to share her story. Amber B. helps me write today’s blog story about the falsely advertised “best dog foods” on the market. It is safe to say that Coco is a spoiled pup. Dog parks, dog beaches, even dog insurance were all a normal part of Coco’s life. However, the one thing Amber couldn’t find out was why her poop was always liquid. Why did Coco have irritated skin and why was such a happy pup often lethargic and breath terrible. She fed her what she knew to be the best dog food on the market. Furthermore, why all of these issues? Finally after two years of searching and trying all sorts of dog food she had found it! The “Holy Grail” of dog food, Smack Dog Food. They were vacationing in Canada, visiting Amber’s sister. Coco when first arrived at their home in Canada began playing with Alica’s dog. Amber felt at ease that the dogs liked one another. However, it all started when Coco began to eat Jack’s food. Almost 7 full days of eating Smack, she noticed […]
Can Preventative Dog Health Care Help Dog Parents Avoid Costly Procedures?

Can Preventative Dog Health Care Help Dog Parents Avoid Costly Procedures? 0

Can Preventative Dog Health Care Help Dog Parents Avoid Costly Procedures? Dog parents everywhere are spending millions on costly procedures. It is no wonder that dog health has been the trending topic for months on end. Not surprisingly, pet parents are beginning to recognize the correlation between food intake and long-term health. What we feed our pups today will directly impact our dog’s health tomorrow. Here are the five most expensive dog procedures and what we can do to preserve our dog’s health through preventative measures. 5 Most Expensive Dog Procedures #5 Dental Emergencies Dental procedures range from professional cleanings and cavities to tooth extractions. In addition, mandatory x-rays of the teeth are taken. A dental consultation alone can cost more than $150. When taken into account all of the little extracts & exams your bill can be upwards of $700 – $1000.  Dental emergencies can be avoided with regular dental care, proper diet, and quality chew treats. Bully sticks are a great way to keep dog health at optimal levels. Choosing bully sticks over rawhide is one way to avoid costly dental visits. It is important to brush your dog’s teeth regularly to prevent diseased or damaged teeth and gums. #4 ACL Rupture  ACL ruptures […]
Socializing Your Dogs: Learn The Queues They Give To Communicate Their Feelings.

Socializing Your Dogs: Learn The Queues They Give To Communicate Their Feelings. 0

Socializing Dogs When I first got Cookie, I thought she would just love socializing with other dogs. However, her quick snaps and aggression showed me just how much socializing she like. Maybe I was the one who likes to show her off, but I guess she’s more of an introvert. Dogs greet, play, and even disagree in ways foreign to us humans. We must learn to understand how dogs communicate. It is our responsibility to ensure they have proper interactions, especially when saying ‘hello’ The Butt Sniff Humans shake hands, hug, and even kiss on the cheek. However, dogs, they greet with the often humored, butt sniff. This is their ‘hello’. This sort of ‘blunt’ acknowledgment may lead us to think that dogs do not have boundaries. On the contrary, if we look close enough dogs let us know when another canine has crossed the line of ‘appropriate’ “hellos”  Behaviors that communicate to us that your dog is saying, “Welcome.” Walking forward with indirect eye contact  A slow wagging tail or circular motion Play bow with bark   When your dog socializes positively, be sure to give them treats after. We suggest keeping dog treats with you as a form of disciplinary tools. […]
What is The Dog Flu?

What is The Dog Flu? 0

What is The Dog Flu? We know when our dogs are not feeling well. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy for us to figure it out. When our pups become lethargic and lose their appetites we know something isn’t right. So how can we tell if it’s the dog flu?   Dog flu — or canine influenza — is an infection caused by one of two virus strains: H3N2 and H3N8. Of the two, H3N2 is more commonly seen in pets in the U.S. Furthermore, it is thought that the H3N2 strain came from Asia. Possibly originating as the Avian Flu which was transferred to a dog. Dog Flu Symptoms Similarly, the Dog flu, like the Human flu, hits the respiratory system causing such symptoms: Coughing A runny nose Watery eyes A sore throat High fever Loss of appetite Unfortunately, unlike humans, our dogs won’t be able to tell us how bad he or she is feeling. Worse yet, it’s symptoms may not go noticed for some time. Animal experts say to watch your dog for changes in behavior. If your normally hyper dog seems lethargic or starts skipping meals, it’s time to take a closer look. What to do if our […]
Service Dogs and Their Functions

Service Dogs and Their Functions 0

Service dogs and their function. With bring your child to work just around the corner I thought it important to discuss the roles of dogs beyond being our best buds. According to the ADA, a Service Animal is any canine that is specifically trained to perform tasks for a disabled individual. These tasks would otherwise lend difficult or impossible to complete without the help of such assistance. Here are to our service dogs and all they do for us humans, known and unknown. 11 Types Of Service Dogs This list makes up the 11 most common yet often unheard of by the general public. At the end of this article, there is a gift for all registered dogs and their owners! Severe Allergy Alert Dogs (AADs) Job: They alert their handler to life-threatening allergens that may be in the area, especially tree nuts, gluten or shellfish Handler: These service dogs may or may not have visible signs of disability Gear: Allergen Alert Dogs typically wear a vest with pockets for emergency information, medical information and/or medication. For their handler’s safety in the event of an emergency and to ensure fast and accurate medical care, AADs should sport a patch that says, […]