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Have A Dog Can Get Costly. So How Can You Save Money On Your Dog Expenses? 0

Saving money on dog expenses is easier than you think. Here are 5 Easy ways to save money on your dog. Many of our readers ask how they can save money on pet food? How can they reduce the cost of pet groomers, what’s the cheapest dental care, is insurance worth it. Rightfully so these are very real and valid questions that thousands ask daily. Dog expenses can run high, so we’ve broken down some easy ways dog owners everywhere can save money.   5 Easy ways to help dog owners save on their dog expenses It can be exhausting trying to fully understand how much a dog will cost you. If you’re considering to own a dog or whether you’ve been a dog owner for years, these costs can vary drastically. Health is our number one priority for our dogs. Thus, we base our saving tips on never compromising a dog’s nutrition. In the end, it costs more in vet bills anyway. At Home Grooming Shampoo, blow-dry, brush, clip nails, and brush teeth right at home. Take time out of your schedule for this gratifying and loving task. You’ll want to brush your dog daily. Take 2-3 minutes out of your […]
How To Feed Your Dog The Healthiest Dog Food – A Raw Dog Food Diet

How To Feed Your Dog The Healthiest Dog Food – A Raw Dog Food Diet 0

There is so much information out on the web regarding the healthiest dog food – a raw dog food diet. And since I made the switch to Smack, the healthiest dog food on the market, I educated myself as much as possible on the subject. I turned to the experts themselves on raw dog food. Smack and Waggles put together an informative, yet simple infographic on the healthiest dog food and how to feed it to your doggie. The team from Smack dog food provided us with this rich content on how to feed your fur-baby the healthiest dog food – a raw dog food diet. Commitment to your dog’s life Our dogs are family to us. So feeding them the healthiest dog food, which is a raw dog food diet, takes serious commitment. The owners of Smack understood this. They recognized the desire dog owners have to do everything possible to give their dogs the best. However, the time commitment and expense were deterring many dog parents from such a necessary diet. Thankfully, they came up with the ultimate solution. A raw dog food diet that has the convenience of kibble. It also happens to be grain free dog food. This food […]
Tips On Camping With Your Dog.

Tips On Camping With Your Dog. 0

Spring is here, and it couldn’t be any more perfect to go camping with your dog. I fell in love with camping from the very first time I stepped foot onto a camp site. I just loved the sense of adventure it gave me. The freedom expressed through exploration and minimalism. So when I took my dog for the first time…it elevated my experience to a whole new level. However, there are some rules that all pet-parents need to abide by when taking your dog camping. Thankfully, most camp sites allow canines to join in on the adventure. All it takes is some planning. Trust us, our furry friends are the only one’s having more fun then we are when we go camping with dogs.   National, State, And Local Parks Easily enough, the rules for dogs are listed on every park’s website. The National Park Service map is a helpful resource for learning more about rules across the park system. The same guideline for national parks applies to state and local parks: Rules vary, so you will need to consider your daytime plans and check with the agency that manages the land.   Tips for camping with your dog Your […]
6 Reasons Dogs Change Lives. What Having A Dog Really Means

6 Reasons Dogs Change Lives. What Having A Dog Really Means 0

Of course, we know that dogs are ‘man’s best friend’. However, is there more to this relationship than meets the eye? I take a closer look at why we humans are so attracted to dogs. And in my curious findings, I discover a plethora of benefits.     6 reasons of what having a dog really means and how dogs change lives. Less Sickness –  With disinfecting agents everywhere we turn, one would assume we are getting healthier because of it. However, the reality is different. We disinfect too much and it is leaving our bodies exposed to less biodiversity. This increases our chances of getting sick. Thankfully, our doggies are covered in good germs. This means that there is a greater diversity in bacteria that enters the home. Which is good for us! Fortunately, this benefit helps people with dogs get ill less frequently and less severely than people—especially children—with cats or no pets.   Better For Allergies – Increased Resistance to Allergies Now, this may seem contrary to what most people think. However, growing up in a house with a dog makes children less likely to have allergies or develop allergies throughout the course of their lives. Now if your dog has allergies, […]
6 Dog-friendly Companies That Make The Cut!

6 Dog-friendly Companies That Make The Cut! 0

I’m super super lucky to work for Waggles.com a company where I can bring my dog into the office any day I please. For us it’s just normal. So it got me thinking are all companies like ours? Companies today must offer perks to their employees that reach far beyond a 401K and a gym membership. In fact to recruit and keep high performing, quality employees you must be creative in showing your workforce just how appreciated they are. And with only about 7 percent of employers allowing pets at work, you can believe that it is only the smartest, most forward-thinking companies that fully understand what pets mean to their employees (Human Resource Management).   Ginger, an English bulldog, stands watch while at work with her owner, Will Pisnieski, at Authentic Entertainment in Burbank, Calif., in 2012. #1 Waggles.com Waggles.com is a high-quality pet boutique. It offers the #1 rated raw dehydrated pet food to poop-bags and even probiotics for our fur-babies. This small online company is based out of Florida where every employee has a dog and without a question, we can bring dogs in the office whenever we please. In fact, many of their doggie models are in-house employees’ fur-babies […]

Do You Know How Your Dog Stays Hydrated? 0

What if I tell you right now, that everything you think you know about how your dog hydrates are false, would you want to learn more? When pet owners think about their canine companions “drink” water, they most often imagine the pet lapping – that is, using their tongues to scoop water into their mouth.   Well, recent research has proven that this notion of lap drinking is quite far from the reality. So, if dogs don’t scoop water with their tongue, how in the world do they get hydrated? Now that’s the question we intend to answer with this post. First, dogs get hydrated using the same gravity-defying technique as their canine cousins – cats. Why dogs lap water Let’s kick off the discussion by examining why our furry friends – dogs, cats, and other predatory animals lap water instead of suck them in like the rest of us? Well, the answer is in the cheeks. Yes, their cheek.   You’re already aware that your pet has a wide mouth that reaches way into the sides of their face right? Now, that’s a good thing on the one hand and not so good on another. On the positive side, […]