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Dirty Secrets Of The Dog Food Industry

Dirty Secrets Of The Dog Food Industry 0

The Dog Food Industry Exposed You probably already know that I’m obsessed with dog health, dog nutrition, pretty much anything dogs! So it’s no wonder that since I’ve been digging in with quality i.e. Grain-free, raw dehydrated dog food vs. cheap, processed, toxic kibble, I got pretty deep into my research. I did some digging, and have come up with a solution to combat the ‘big brands’ that are pulling the fur over our eyes. So much so that the majority of pet owners can honestly say they do not know what they are feeding dogs. Being informed is the best way to beat the cheats and give your pet the quality they deserve! To our dog’s misfortune, big conglomerate dog food companies have spent decades crafting the best way to market to pet parents. Unfortunately, pet parents blindly assume they are putting quality food in ‘Fido’s’ bowl. Notwithstanding, the industry professionals strategically place beautiful pictures of freshly caught fish, hand picked vegetables, and ‘premium’ poultry and beef. This genius marketing tactic has led to the front of the bag is the exact reason many pet parents choose their dog’s food. What Is The Dog Food Industry? The pet food […]