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TOXIC Dog Food: Are We Feeding This To Our Dog Babies?!

TOXIC Dog Food: Are We Feeding This To Our Dog Babies?! 0

The Deceptive Pet Food Industry is finally being EXPOSED! The Dog Food Industry Is Not All That It’s Cracked Up To Be. In fact, it’s truly manipulative.  The pet food industry is a $100 billion industry annually nationwide. It’s no secret that big-time companies try to cut corners to pad the bottom line. The large pet food brands are no different. As avid dog lovers, we have taken the time to research the dog food industry. We now have enough evidence to expose the secrets no one wants you to know. We uncover how one dog food company, Smack Dog Foods is breaking the mold! Literally it’s the only 5star rated dog food in all of Canada!   Is The Food Your Feeding Your Dog TOXIC?     Feed Grade Vs Human Grade Although pet food is technically ‘regulated’ by the FDA, the loopholes to passing required benchmarks are appalling. The ‘cheat’ that supermarket brands use is classifying food as Feed Grade rather than Human Grade significantly lowers the standard of passing as “food”. Feed-grade has diminished regulation and is of significantly lower quality than Human Grade. Therefore, even if companies claim that their products are healthy, they often still use […]
What is a ‘Grain Free’ Dog Food Anyway? And Should My Dog Be Eating It?

What is a ‘Grain Free’ Dog Food Anyway? And Should My Dog Be Eating It? 0

What is a grain-free dog food diet and should your dog be eating one?  Recently, grain-free diets have become very popular among humans. Which has led to some people believing that it is what’s lead the dog industry toward “grain-free” options for dogs. Notwithstanding, this is a false assumption. The advancements in modern technology have allowed for unprecedented growth within the animal food sector. Science now helps us combat the ailments and diseases that are plaguing our animals.  Ways to prevent and overcome cancer, illness, obesity and other health concerns affecting the lifespans of our 4-legged loved ones. Research gives insight into the importance of actually going ‘back in time’, how our pets were designed to eat.  Revealing the importance of feeding them as nature intended. It’s impossible to imagine our dogs’ wild ancestors going crazy over a field of corn or wheat. Why feed our dogs unnecessary ingredients they don’t naturally hunger after? Should we not free them from the shackles of common grains?! Join the movement to take fillers out of your dog’s diet and bring them back to life! WHY WOULD MY DOG NEED A GRAIN FREE DIET? From a biological standpoint, scientists have proven your dog’s […]
Our Dogs Deserve Better Than Kibble… Here’s Why

Our Dogs Deserve Better Than Kibble… Here’s Why 0

Our Dogs Deserve Better Than Kibble… Here’s Why Frightening News They would spend the next several months and thousands of dollars between vet visits and food changes.  The veterinarian gave them frightening theories and shared all the serious and costly tests that would need to get done. Yet, all they were feeding their dogs was Kibble. Feeding dogs kibble, was this the key factor to why their dogs were so sick? Julie, had no idea what she was doing when she took her first dog home, Jucy.  She intended to take good care of her. Her husband had over 14 dogs growing up. Thusly, Julie felt that her new Jucy would be in good hands. Considering her husband fed his dogs kibble daily, they began to feed Jucy (and later, their second dog, Hugo) the same food. However, they both quickly noticed that something wasn’t right. Hugo was gassy (even for a Frenchie), and Jucy vomited all too often. I sat down with one of our readers after she wrote in with her story. Feeding her dogs kibble and what it was doing to her fur-babies, led us to follow up. I am so glad to present her story. Please […]