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Do You Know How Your Dog Stays Hydrated? 0

What if I tell you right now, that everything you think you know about how your dog hydrates are false, would you want to learn more? When pet owners think about their canine companions “drink” water, they most often imagine the pet lapping – that is, using their tongues to scoop water into their mouth.   Well, recent research has proven that this notion of lap drinking is quite far from the reality. So, if dogs don’t scoop water with their tongue, how in the world do they get hydrated? Now that’s the question we intend to answer with this post. First, dogs get hydrated using the same gravity-defying technique as their canine cousins – cats. Why dogs lap water Let’s kick off the discussion by examining why our furry friends – dogs, cats, and other predatory animals lap water instead of suck them in like the rest of us? Well, the answer is in the cheeks. Yes, their cheek.   You’re already aware that your pet has a wide mouth that reaches way into the sides of their face right? Now, that’s a good thing on the one hand and not so good on another. On the positive side, […]