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Safety First When It Comes To Protecting Our Dogs On Walks

Safety First When It Comes To Protecting Our Dogs On Walks 0

Protecting our dogs on walks is something we need to be concerned about. This week, I had the privilege to talk ‘dog safety’ with Veterinary Technician Catherine Koogle, to understand the precautionary measures we need to take when walking our dogs. Dog attacks are unlikely, but they do happen; Catherine tells us, what equipment we need and how to protect our dogs and selves.  Springtime is just around the corner, which means more time outdoors with our dogs.  Warmer weather and longer days ahead. Who doesn’t want to get out with your dog for a stroll around the neighborhood? According to the National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association, 68% of US households own a pet. Of that 68 %, approximately 40% of those pets are dogs. That’s a lot of dogs!     The purpose of this article is not to deter you from taking your furry pets out for a walk. Rather, it is to give you some pointers on how to keep your pet safe from the rare occurrence of an unplanned encounter with a loose dog.     Essential Dog Walking Equipment Catherine suggests, before leaving the house to take stock of your […]