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The Wild Dog

The Wild Dog 0

As cute and cuddly our dogs may be, they did descend from another type of dog. The wild one!     More particularly, the African wild dog. It is now on the endangered species list. It’s been estimated that its global population is somewhere around 3,000 to 3,500. With an average lifespan of 11 years; they are carnivores. They eat a raw meat diet and often, hunt their meals in packs. Scientifically known as Lycaon Pictus which literally means painted wolf in reference to their variegated fur with white, black, brown and yellow coloring. A peculiar trait of these animals is that every member of the pack has a distinct pattern that makes the easy to identify. The dog also called the African hunting dog. It is among the ruthless and efficient predator with an 80 percent hunting success rate! This is far higher than the lion’s 30 percent success rate. Pretty impressive I’d say! These hunting dogs were once known to roam most part of the African continent. Unfortunately, it now only roams the sparse woodlands and open planes of sub-Saharan Africa. Unique physique Unlike other canids, the African wild dogs have a distinct body characteristic – only four […]

Puppy Dogs In Nature: A Photo-Gallery Of Wild Interaction. 0

There is something majestic about our dogs and puppies when we put them into nature. Allowing them the freedom to be as they were, maybe intended to be. This photo gallery of dogs and puppies inspires me and I hope it does for you. If you have any images that you’d like to have showcased of your dog in nature, please email me Sam@waggles.com  
Homemade & Healthy Dog Treats. Recipes That Will Have Your Dog “Sit”, “Roll-Over”, “Paw”, “Lay-Down” And Even Jumpin’ For Joy!

Homemade & Healthy Dog Treats. Recipes That Will Have Your Dog “Sit”, “Roll-Over”, “Paw”, “Lay-Down” And Even Jumpin’ For Joy! 0

Health conscious paw parents give treats a serious and much-needed makeover. When our furry companions deserve a treat we don’t just want to give them something that tastes delicious (or so we assume that it does) we want something equally beneficial to their health. They deserve something wholesome and tasty. As well as something that makes them feel extra special. However, because we feed them so many treats it’s often most convenient to just go to the store and purchase a bag of seemingly healthy dog treats. After all, it’s just a ‘treat’ right? Unfortunately, many store-bought treats today are filled with artificial ingredients and harmful toxins that are not good for a dog’s well-being and increase chances of liver disease, arthritis, and even cancer. You can read more about the dog food industry loopholes here.   Good news is that we can go the extra mile for our fur-babies without too much extra effort. Healthy homemade dog treats are a fantastic way to reward your dog and their health at the same time. Purchasing healthier brands of dog snacks may seem too expensive to most people, but now there are so many recipes that we can comfortably delight in […]
Our Dogs Deserve Better Than Kibble… Here’s Why

Our Dogs Deserve Better Than Kibble… Here’s Why 0

Our Dogs Deserve Better Than Kibble… Here’s Why Frightening News They would spend the next several months and thousands of dollars between vet visits and food changes.  The veterinarian gave them frightening theories and shared all the serious and costly tests that would need to get done. Yet, all they were feeding their dogs was Kibble. Feeding dogs kibble, was this the key factor to why their dogs were so sick? Julie, had no idea what she was doing when she took her first dog home, Jucy.  She intended to take good care of her. Her husband had over 14 dogs growing up. Thusly, Julie felt that her new Jucy would be in good hands. Considering her husband fed his dogs kibble daily, they began to feed Jucy (and later, their second dog, Hugo) the same food. However, they both quickly noticed that something wasn’t right. Hugo was gassy (even for a Frenchie), and Jucy vomited all too often. I sat down with one of our readers after she wrote in with her story. Feeding her dogs kibble and what it was doing to her fur-babies, led us to follow up. I am so glad to present her story. Please […]
5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Adopting A Dog.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Adopting A Dog. 0

Is adopting a dog the right decision for you? Here are the Top Five Questions to ask yourself before adopting a new furry member to your family.   If you are considering the adoption of a new member of your family we have five questions to ask yourself to see if it is the right decision for you. Who could resist a cute face, big bold eyes, and floppy ears? Adopting a dog is a very exciting time but can also be a complicated process. To make sure you’re choosing the right pet for you and your family, there are some questions you’ll want to ask before adopting your newest family member! QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF 1. Do I have the means, space, time, and the ability to care for a new pet? Go through your day from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. Can your life and your home accommodate a new family member? Is it safe to walk a dog in your neighborhood? Is there a dog park nearby to help your new pet get socialized? Can you afford the day to day costs of pet ownership like food and supplements? Can […]