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Dog Food Recall Alert!

Dog Food Recall Alert! 0

Discover the Full List of Recalled Pet Foods for 2019 & Learn About Safe and Healthy Alternatives for Your Furry Family!
Here Is How Homemade Dog Food Put Kibble To Shame

Here Is How Homemade Dog Food Put Kibble To Shame 0

How Can Homemade Dog Food Be Just As Convenient As Kibble? Dog parents everywhere spend thousands of dollars between vet visits, medical bills, and food.  Seems logical to think that there is a single correlation between all three. What you feed your dog will inevitably determine it’s lifespan, health and overall well being. Almost identical to a human’s correlation. Therefore, if humans are better off making meals at home for health reasons, wouldn’t it be safe to assume the same for our dogs? Homemade dog food is indeed healthier, smarter and more cost-effective in the long run. So why are so many pet parents ignorant to the facts of this matter? Since so many households feed their pups kibble, the argument almost always comes down to cost and convenience. And the convenience of kibble almost always wins the majority argument. Kibble’s convenient dry and long shelf-life do help dog owners everywhere but at what cost to their dog? Knowledge Is Power Homemade Dog Food Is As Convenient As Kibble What is a raw dog food diet didn’t have to be homemade? Could homemade dog food be made more convenient and more nutritious than kibble? Smack dog food takes out the dangers of a […]
Let's Tackle the Heavy Chewers

Let's Tackle the Heavy Chewers 0

Waggles knows how to tackle heavy chewers. Bully Sticks are powerful chews produced from grass-fed beef raised on the open range. The treats are easily digested, and they are available in a variety of thicknesses and cuts to match every dog's needs. The straight sticks come in two lengths: 6 or 12 inches.

Regular - Tough thin sticks available in four packs.
Jumbo - Jumbo’s are approximately 30% thicker than the regular sticks.
Steer - Large cuts for powerful chewers. Steer’s are approximately 20% thicker the jumbos.

Combination sticks offer different textures and can add variety to a pups chewing pattern. They are available in 7, 9, and 15 inches.

Braided - Bully Braids are three sticks woven together.
Jerky Wrapped - Two treats twisted together.
Curly Pizzles - A challenging spiral-corkscrew cut.

What's your dog's favorite?  FIND OUT HERE

3 Of Our Easiest and Healthiest Homemade Dog Treats

3 Of Our Easiest and Healthiest Homemade Dog Treats 0

Homemade Dog Treats Anyone Can Make! Don’t you feel so accomplished after making a great meal, or baking a perfect pie? I feel the same way after I make Cookie and our office dogs something from scratch. And there is nothing better than making dog treats. They are just super cute and the dog’s go nuts over them. When we think of dog treats, we don’t usually think about making them from scratch. There are so many options nowadays like, Newts, Bully Sticks, and even calming ones like King Kanine. But I’ll tell you, there is nothing like the feeling of making a batch of homemade dog treats! My fur-baby just knows that it’s something special. Let’s face it, we give our dogs so many treats. Whether it’s for tricks, doing something constructive during their walk. We humans go as far as giving dogs treats when we leave the house. Our guilt drives us to give them something they didn’t even work for! We know they are just too cute. When our furry companions deserve a treat we don’t just want to give them something that tastes delicious (or so we assume that it does) we want something equally beneficial […]
Big Dog Food Brands Have Met Their Match

Big Dog Food Brands Have Met Their Match 0

How Has One Company Changed The Dog Food Industry Game? Have you ever checked the ingredients list on your pup’s food? If you’re like most proud dog parents, the words “natural,” “premium,” or “healthy” were reassurance enough. But that assurance would be poorly placed. Some of the mysterious ingredients in mainstream dog food isn’t healthy at all. And some would argue it shouldn’t be considered food at all. A review of the 40+ ingredients in a market-leading brand found unhealthy grains, cheap soy, and even synthetic materials. Earlier this year, a line of pet food was recalled for containing a drug used for euthanasia. Yikes! There must be a better way to feed our furry friends with confidence. Convenient Dog Food Has Finally Arrived We are living in the age of convenience. Meal boxes equip busy working pros with fresh, healthy, and creative meals, and same-day shipping puts toilet paper on our doorstep with a single tap. But man’s best friend has been all but ignored. Feeding him still requires lugging fifty pounds of bulk into a cart and up our apartment steps. Until now. A new premium dog food line called Smack is changing the industry with its award-winning […]
Dirty Secrets Of The Dog Food Industry

Dirty Secrets Of The Dog Food Industry 0

The Dog Food Industry Exposed You probably already know that I’m obsessed with dog health, dog nutrition, pretty much anything dogs! So it’s no wonder that since I’ve been digging in with quality i.e. Grain-free, raw dehydrated dog food vs. cheap, processed, toxic kibble, I got pretty deep into my research. I did some digging, and have come up with a solution to combat the ‘big brands’ that are pulling the fur over our eyes. So much so that the majority of pet owners can honestly say they do not know what they are feeding dogs. Being informed is the best way to beat the cheats and give your pet the quality they deserve! To our dog’s misfortune, big conglomerate dog food companies have spent decades crafting the best way to market to pet parents. Unfortunately, pet parents blindly assume they are putting quality food in ‘Fido’s’ bowl. Notwithstanding, the industry professionals strategically place beautiful pictures of freshly caught fish, hand picked vegetables, and ‘premium’ poultry and beef. This genius marketing tactic has led to the front of the bag is the exact reason many pet parents choose their dog’s food. What Is The Dog Food Industry? The pet food […]