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6 Reasons Dogs Change Lives. What Having A Dog Really Means

6 Reasons Dogs Change Lives. What Having A Dog Really Means 0

Of course, we know that dogs are ‘man’s best friend’. However, is there more to this relationship than meets the eye? I take a closer look at why we humans are so attracted to dogs. And in my curious findings, I discover a plethora of benefits.     6 reasons of what having a dog really means and how dogs change lives. Less Sickness –  With disinfecting agents everywhere we turn, one would assume we are getting healthier because of it. However, the reality is different. We disinfect too much and it is leaving our bodies exposed to less biodiversity. This increases our chances of getting sick. Thankfully, our doggies are covered in good germs. This means that there is a greater diversity in bacteria that enters the home. Which is good for us! Fortunately, this benefit helps people with dogs get ill less frequently and less severely than people—especially children—with cats or no pets.   Better For Allergies – Increased Resistance to Allergies Now, this may seem contrary to what most people think. However, growing up in a house with a dog makes children less likely to have allergies or develop allergies throughout the course of their lives. Now if your dog has allergies, […]