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6 Irresistible Dogs With Floppy Ears

6 Irresistible Dogs With Floppy Ears 0

I originally wanted this blog list post, to be about dogs with floppy ears and only highlight 5 breeds.  But who am I kidding?! So there are now 6. I think you’ll gush over them as I have. Dogs with floppy ears are simply irresistible. Puppies with floppy ears have something characteristically that draws us closer. It instantly draws us to start speaking in our “doggie voice”. All puppy and dog breeds have their own signature characteristics, but those floppy ears! I just cannot get enough of them. Dogs breeds like Harbors and these other breeds, it’s their big floppy ears that set them apart from the pack. Here are 6 dog breeds with floppy ears that will get you saying ‘awe’ in your ”doggie voice” all day long!    1. Black and Tan Coonhounds   Black and Tan Coonhounds, like Harbors, are known for their enormous floppy ears. This breed’s origins are right here in the USA. Not surprisingly, they have quickly become a world-renowned star! These lovable, dogs with floppy ears are known for their friendliness and affection toward their family members. Despite their ears being the constant center of attention, they socialize very well with other dogs.  […]