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Raw Dog Food For Beginners.

Raw Dog Food For Beginners. 0

Many dog lovers may not know this but the best raw dog food isn’t necessary raw anymore in the technical definition. Another way of putting it is that to fully be considered the best maybe it needs to have another aspect to it. CONVENIENCE! Raw doesn’t’ have to mean blood running down your arm and chopping up massive quantities of raw chicken. This is just nuts! First of all, if you’re reading this post you have probably already gotten a sense of how good a raw dog food diet is for your pup. Unfortunately, there is a massive amount of information out there that isn’t fully correct. So how can dog-owners distinguish between the good, bad and the ugly? The experts on raw dog food put together an informative, yet simple infographic down below. The team from Smack dog food provided us with this rich content on how to feed this diet to your pup. Is It Okay To Feed Your Dog A Raw Meat Diet? Australian veterinarian Ian Billinghurst was the first to publicly propose that dogs should be eating a biologically appropriate raw food. The acronym he coined is the BARF diet, that stands for: Bones and Raw Food, or Biologically Appropriate […]
The 6 Reasons I Made The Switch To A Raw Dog Food Diet For My Doggie

The 6 Reasons I Made The Switch To A Raw Dog Food Diet For My Doggie 0

The Raw Dog Food Diet That’s Change My Dog’s Life & Thousands of Other Doggies!  Knowledge is power and that power lies in our hands, literally. Thankfully that knowledge has led to us understanding the immense importance of health and the role food plays in the health of our dogs. There is no denying that a raw dog food diet is essential to our dog’s lifespan and over health. Our dogs were designed to eat a raw diet so why wouldn’t we keep to natures way? Profits and greed have led the way for most of the dog food industry. Fortunately, with advancements in technologies, raw dog food now has the convenience of kibble! Thankfully dog owners such as Michael from Smack dog food could no longer sit on the sidelines while dogs died left and right from Cancers and unthinkable diseases. Such diseases that never plagued dogs prior to the existence of toxic kibble.  The advancement in technology that allows Smack to turn raw dog food into a convenient dehydrated form has been game-changing. Pet owners everywhere purchased kibble because it was easy to store, had a long shelf life and was cheap. Well, cheap until the vet bill came. Now […]