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Dog Shedding, A Dog Parent’s Nightmare.

Dog Shedding, A Dog Parent’s Nightmare. 0

Dog Shedding The Why And The Solution! As a dog groomer in New York City, my client’s number one concern is dog hair. Their dog’s appearance is important but they surely do not want to have dog hair all over their apartments or their clothing. However, their dog shedding is all but normal. Thankfully, hair on the couch, on your bed, and even those great work clothes don’t have to have hair on them any longer.  Is It Normal For A Dog To Shed A Lot Of Hair? When a dog sheds he or she goes through a loosening of older or damaged hair. Moreover, you will notice that your canine’s coat becomes thicker in the winter and much lighter in the spring. Shedding is a normal process in canines. Notably, it can occur more in some dogs versus others based on the breed and diet. Learn more about what a dog needs to eat for optimal health here. However, how do we as groomers and pet parents keep shedding under control? Why Does My Dog Excessively Shed? Dog shedding is the removal of dead hair. Seemingly, it happens with the changes of seasons regardless of the breed type. Unfortunately, […]