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Big Dog Food Brands Have Met Their Match

Big Dog Food Brands Have Met Their Match 0

How Has One Company Changed The Dog Food Industry Game? Have you ever checked the ingredients list on your pup’s food? If you’re like most proud dog parents, the words “natural,” “premium,” or “healthy” were reassurance enough. But that assurance would be poorly placed. Some of the mysterious ingredients in mainstream dog food isn’t healthy at all. And some would argue it shouldn’t be considered food at all. A review of the 40+ ingredients in a market-leading brand found unhealthy grains, cheap soy, and even synthetic materials. Earlier this year, a line of pet food was recalled for containing a drug used for euthanasia. Yikes! There must be a better way to feed our furry friends with confidence. Convenient Dog Food Has Finally Arrived We are living in the age of convenience. Meal boxes equip busy working pros with fresh, healthy, and creative meals, and same-day shipping puts toilet paper on our doorstep with a single tap. But man’s best friend has been all but ignored. Feeding him still requires lugging fifty pounds of bulk into a cart and up our apartment steps. Until now. A new premium dog food line called Smack is changing the industry with its award-winning […]
Raw Dehydrated Dog Food, Explained.

Raw Dehydrated Dog Food, Explained. 0

If you’re like me, you’re already feeding your dog the raw dehydrated dog food that adds years to your dog’s life. Or if you’re reading this article…well, you’ve either… A. Heard about it and now need to know more or B. You are sick of your dog’s suffering from allergies, bad breath, overweight, joint pain and or cancer and are willing to do whatever it takes including educating yourself about your dog’s diet. So this article is definitely for you. I wanted to get to the nitty-gritty behind this awesome and trending news of the raw dehydrated dog food movement. Currently, this movement fosters all the rage and buzz in pet food industry. Many of my readers have been enthusiastically embracing this way of life for their pets. The results have led our curious readers to want to know more about the science behind raw dehydrated dog food.       Our pets require a lot of real, nutrient-rich raw foods. Foods that are often difficult to work with, especially when we consider our busy schedules. For instance, bone in raw chicken. It’s not an ingredient that we would want to cut and leave out for our dog to consume. We now know that […]