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Dog Food Recall Alert!

Dog Food Recall Alert! 0

Discover the Full List of Recalled Pet Foods for 2019 & Learn About Safe and Healthy Alternatives for Your Furry Family!
Let's Tackle the Heavy Chewers

Let's Tackle the Heavy Chewers 0

Waggles knows how to tackle heavy chewers. Bully Sticks are powerful chews produced from grass-fed beef raised on the open range. The treats are easily digested, and they are available in a variety of thicknesses and cuts to match every dog's needs. The straight sticks come in two lengths: 6 or 12 inches.

Regular - Tough thin sticks available in four packs.
Jumbo - Jumbo’s are approximately 30% thicker than the regular sticks.
Steer - Large cuts for powerful chewers. Steer’s are approximately 20% thicker the jumbos.

Combination sticks offer different textures and can add variety to a pups chewing pattern. They are available in 7, 9, and 15 inches.

Braided - Bully Braids are three sticks woven together.
Jerky Wrapped - Two treats twisted together.
Curly Pizzles - A challenging spiral-corkscrew cut.

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Can Preventative Dog Health Care Help Dog Parents Avoid Costly Procedures?

Can Preventative Dog Health Care Help Dog Parents Avoid Costly Procedures? 0

Can Preventative Dog Health Care Help Dog Parents Avoid Costly Procedures? Dog parents everywhere are spending millions on costly procedures. It is no wonder that dog health has been the trending topic for months on end. Not surprisingly, pet parents are beginning to recognize the correlation between food intake and long-term health. What we feed our pups today will directly impact our dog’s health tomorrow. Here are the five most expensive dog procedures and what we can do to preserve our dog’s health through preventative measures. 5 Most Expensive Dog Procedures #5 Dental Emergencies Dental procedures range from professional cleanings and cavities to tooth extractions. In addition, mandatory x-rays of the teeth are taken. A dental consultation alone can cost more than $150. When taken into account all of the little extracts & exams your bill can be upwards of $700 – $1000.  Dental emergencies can be avoided with regular dental care, proper diet, and quality chew treats. Bully sticks are a great way to keep dog health at optimal levels. Choosing bully sticks over rawhide is one way to avoid costly dental visits. It is important to brush your dog’s teeth regularly to prevent diseased or damaged teeth and gums. #4 ACL Rupture  ACL ruptures […]