The Benefits of Fruits & Veggies in Your Cats' Diet.

The Benefits of Fruits & Veggies in Your Cats' Diet.

Although cats are descendants of larger cat predators and require proteins and meats to stay healthy, we can’t forget about other elements needed for our cats to have a complete and balanced diet. Cats don’t necessarily require fruits or vegetables since they are carnivores by nature but replacing high calorie snacks, blending fruit and vegetables in with their food, or purchasing foods that include them in their ingredients can be hugely beneficial and a great source for additional vitamins and minerals. Cats’ digest foods differently than we do, but they’re able to absorb nutrients for fruits and vegetables and process them easily through their bodies in the same way we do. Here are few examples of the benefits of fruit and veggie ingredients.

- Plain winter squash can be a great treat for pets with finicky stomach issues like constipation.

- Leafy greens serve as protection against cancers, and also help with eye and digestive health. Strawberries are loaded with antioxidants which aids in regulating your pets’ blood sugar and inflammation.

- Herbs like thyme and parsley are help increase kidney health, carb metabolism, and the healthy fats of the brain.

- Cranberry is a huge help in adjusting your cats’ urinary tract or if their suffering from an infection.

When prepared with solid proteins, a blend of fruits and vegetables can provide your kitty with essential vitamins and minerals, boost their immune system and help them remain fit, strong, and healthy. Always make sure to do some research prior to feeding your cat plain vegetables and fruit and know which can be harmful to them as well as beneficial. 

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